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credits on a corp video

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Steve Kownackicredits on a corp video
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 6:33:44 pm

I contemplated on posting in Art of the Edit and Corp Video, but thought this a better place as it's more semantics than tech production; probably flows over to marketing as well.

So... Is it customary to put credits on a corporate video presentation? I've done it a handful of times at the clients request but most just end with a © and client name. I can see value in keeping your name out there visually, but that's not my topic.

I'm working with a new producer that's being a bit adamant about credits. The client does not really want them or see a need for them. Producer (who comes from TV/feature film background) says they're necessary to honor the crew and the people who participated in the project - paid or not, on-cam or off.

Me, in Exec. Producer role in this case, I'm all about keeping my client happy and then they come back, they know who I am and where to find me. There may be a chance of somebody seeing my name on a video and calling for business, but I found that remote and I have gotten calls from viewers asking my client who did their work.

So is there a rule on credits at the end of a corp video whether for internal or external use? Is it customary to include?


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Mike CohenRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 6:45:19 pm

We have covered this a lot here. If you are doing work for hire, as an individual or a company, your "credit" is a check with your name on it. If a producer wants a pat on the back, they should work in broadcast.

If you make a video about a new lawnmower for a lawnmower company, to be distributed with lawnmowers, the only credits on the video should be the name of the lawnmower company.

Always, always, always ask a client before putting anything about you or your company on something that they have paid you for. This is not only common courtesy but just smart. Did I mention you should always do this? No? Well, you should always ask. But in general you should not have to ask because you should not even consider doing it.

Now in broadcast shows, the credits are a common part of the show, but still have an agreement about what and who gets a mention. Walter, Shane, Grinner or someone else can address that.

One last thing I may have forgotten to mention above. Always ask the client.

Mike Cohen

PS - in case you missed it, and if you are just joining us, ask the client what they prefer.

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Todd TerryRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 7:03:54 pm

Mike's right, of course.

[Steve Kownacki] "The client does not really want them or see a need for them."

There's your answer, plain and simple. This is a corporate gig that they are paying for. They are the real exec producers, and should get it the way they want it.

In addition, I'll add that I've personally never ever put cast or crew credits on a corporate project. I can't even really say if I've ever seen it done elsewhere, either.

For broadcast? Sure. But not for an in-house corporate video. If anything, a one-line simple credit to the production company should be more than sufficient if you think it is helpful and/or necessary and if the client is ok with it. Most corporate videos aren't high art, and people aren't doing them for fun, as a hobby, or for credit. The paycheck is "honor" enough.


Todd Terry
Creative Director
Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.

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Steve KownackiRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 7:18:09 pm

Oh yeah, I agree with you both in that I see no need for them. Just wanted to confirm... in fact, the check just came in the mail! I will promptly deposit that credit. Thanks.


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Fernando MolRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 7:54:10 pm

I saw once a music CD from a company with the name of the producer. And that was the company executive itself. Can you believe it?

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Mark SuszkoRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 19, 2009 at 8:33:04 pm

You don't see credits on a 30-second commercial either. Where we hide them is on the slate and countdown, so if somebody wants to find out who edited or produced that piece, he can get the info or a lead on who knows the info, off the slate, which otherwise is never seen by anybody except the guy who cues up a playback. There was a time when editing houses spent as much effort on an impressivee slate and trademarked unique count-down, as they did on the actual show; because agency guys would see them, it was like a calling-card.

Reminds me also of a client a long time ago who chastized me for putting tone and bars and a slate and countdown on her video, saying it was "not professional" for all that "technical stuff" to go on before the video. They were not interested in making an effort to cue up the tape, they wanted to just start from the leader, five seconds of black, and boom, into the program...

Instead of lashing out, I just nodded and listened and let them ramble on as they finally explained that what they needed was a video that started up from black with nothing else on the beginning. "There's nothing wrong with what you're asking for, and I can make that change very easily, while you wait". And I did.

A month later, they fall by and ask for a version that has color bars and tone on it, because it turned out that without any reference, the presenter on the road would start up the tape and the thing would come on with no sound or too low or too loud a sound, and the colors were often off a bit, their projectionist said they had nothing to go by to calibrate with. The presenter would start and re-cue the thing several times to get things right, while the audience was sitting there, or just let it roll whle making adjustments to sound, color, and focus, so that by the time he played it "for real", they'd seen the "surprise" smash opening sequence a couple of times, with and without sound... and were no longer surprised or impressed by it.

I smiled, and noded, and I make them a dub off the original master.

I have seen it the other way around too: stuff that really doesn't need a countdown with the canned Adobe Universal Leader stuck on the front or "made with a mac" on the end "to make it more professional".

Theatrical stuff is acompletely different creatuer as far as credits go, because crdit size, duration, and placement are a detailed part of the payment people get for working on the thing, and there are reams of legalities invoved there.

But for a corporate video, no; generally you don't put them on there unless the client is so enamored of your work THEY suggest you add them. And if they like you that much, ask them to take an entry application for a Telly Award. That is a better credit anyway.

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grinner hesterRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 20, 2009 at 1:19:02 am

Not here.
I put the manditory copyright after the close (if it's indeed manditory) and call it done.
I try not to even add credits to TV shows. I'd rather have the running time for content.

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Rebecca GillaspieRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 20, 2009 at 7:26:16 am

I don't really see the value for you or the client to add your name to their corporate marketing materials. If you have a nice relationship with your client you may ask them for a reccomendation about working with you and use that and their logo on your website, or ask if you can use a portion of what you worked on for your demo. It would be inappropriate to put your name on their companies marketing materials. Not to mention, it's not very likely that it will help you.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

Rebecca Gillaspie
Producer, Editor

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Kai CheongRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 20, 2009 at 3:13:52 pm

More often than not, we do not put our logo/company name [let alone cast and crew] at the end of the corporate videos we make.

BUT for certain videos when the clients request for their own credit ending [when they are obliged to thank the people/departments/sponsors who helped out] and when it's a video that has a wide audience reach [eg. screened as part of an event/roadshow], we do have a quick 3-4 secs of 'Produced by [logo] Intuitive Films for [name of client]'. Nothing that overwhelms the client's name/logo, of course.

This is always with the explicit approval of the client. Most of the time, we've built really good relationships with our clients and they're happy to help us get the word out - verbally or with the video.

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Scott CarnegieRe: credits on a corp video
by on Nov 24, 2009 at 3:00:48 pm

I've put credits at the end of a corporate when the client has asked. I have not put my logo or anything other than what they asked for. People new to the biz get really excited over seeing their credit at the end of a show, no one else really cares.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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