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Is this Avid worth selling?

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Casey Davis
Is this Avid worth selling?
on Oct 7, 2009 at 4:20:42 pm

I have an old Avid that I want to sell but I need advice on where to sell it and whether or not it is worth selling.

It is running System 7.5.3, has Avid MCXpress 1.5.1. Has an 8GB hard drive and 80Mb of RAM. It also includes to SCSI storage towers with a total of 54GB of storage.

Any suggestions?

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Timothy J. Allen
Re: Is this Avid worth selling?
on Oct 7, 2009 at 6:18:02 pm

It would probably be worth more as a tax write-off. Have you considered donating it to a school? (or a museum?)

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Mark Suszko
Re: Is this Avid worth selling?
on Oct 7, 2009 at 7:29:38 pm

I came across a used gear broker's site in LA, and he had copious notes and opinions on Avids. "Uncle Geno" I think he was called. Seems like a nice guy.

His bottom line was that selling used Avids is a huge hassle for him; every Avid system he sees is different in some small ways from every other system, the underlying computers all seem to have different boards and subassemblies and such, with varying reliability, the accompanying documentation and licensing of the sub-components and apps is often incomplete, and the status of warranties or support for the Avid-supplied components is nebulous, it is very hard for him to test out working units fully, so he sells them "as-is", and "Caveat Emptor". It has been certified that it worked when delivered and fired up, and that's about as much as he's willing to commit to, the rest is on you.

Now I think the same things could be said for a lot of different systems, but more so for very proprietary, hardware-accellerated systemslike th older Avids. Anyhow, yes, someone will buy it, if only because the Avid name retains a certain cachet. Or they are really comfortable with the particular system, and can now afford a used one to indulge side projects or rent out. But I wouldn't expect to get a lot for it, and that's not FCP snobbery, that's just an appraisal of what I think the market is thinking and where it seems to be going.

I'm sure you've taken good care of your system, but apparently the better and more complete your documentation and info, the better chance that you can move this hardware. Hope that helped.

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Casey Davis
Re: Is this Avid worth selling?
on Oct 7, 2009 at 8:24:30 pm

Unfortunialty, I orgianly got the Avid second hand and it has been relocated twice, so I think all of the manuals are lost.

I know the local college has courses in editing with Adobe Premiere, so I will see if any one there any want it. I know it isn't still useful, but maybe the students will enjoy seeing how a Mac used to look. Thanks for the help!

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Tim Wilson
Re: Is this Avid worth selling?
on Oct 7, 2009 at 8:47:35 pm

[Mark Suszko] "can now afford a used one to indulge side projects or rent out."

You can get a box of Media Composer 4, which supports real-time stereoscopic 3D editing among other slick things, plus a 4TB raid, an external Blu-ray burner and a spindle of Blu-ray disks for $2999. (Videoguys are among our advertisers who can make you this deal, but there are others.) Run it on your laptop and desktop, even if they're on different OSes. Affordable, high-powered, contemporary Avids are plentiful.

And Casey, you can upgrade for $495. :-)

[Timothy J. Allen] "Have you considered donating it to a school? (or a museum?)"

re: the school, an exhortation to everyone considering donating to schools - a noble concept, but almost always a bad idea. If I ask you to make a list of the reasons why, if you're honest, you'll come up with a dozen reasons why your system is the wrong one for those students to use.

It can't hurt to ask...but I worked with a high school that didn't want to say no to ANY donations, but wound up throwing away all the donated computers and peripherals. Just too much trouble in the age of iMacs and DV cameras.

re: museum, I get what you're saying TJA, and I know Casey does too, but systems of this vintage are more common than you'd think. They WORK, which is worth a lot.

Hey, ask Thelma Schoonmaker. She still uses a Lightworks system. (For your trivia notebook: the last Lightworks product manager is now the product manager for Adobe Premiere.)

Obviously oversimplified for rhetorical purposes, but you get the idea. People are slow to let go of largely bulletproof systems.

Anyhoo Casey, you should definitely list the system for sale here at the Cow and on ebay. Spare parts are worth a lot, and working SCSI storage is worth its weight in gold for people who need it. I wouldn't plan on getting a lot for it, but I'd be surprised if you didn't get some interest from some corner of the globe.

Good luck!


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