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how to get international clients

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adeeb oberoihow to get international clients
by on Sep 3, 2009 at 3:24:13 pm

I have a production company in Curacao (caribbean), we do cartoon animations and 3d character/logo animations and lots more.

We did lots of TV spots for the region and have a website with portofolio.

Our aim is to get clients in Europe. How should we go about this?

Should we target advertising & production companies.

Would be great to get some tips on this.


Adeeb Oberoi

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Matt SmithRe: how to get international clients
by on Sep 3, 2009 at 10:36:36 pm

Have you ever thought about using pay per click advertising? With PPC adverts you are able to target specific regions of the World. I think that this would be a great route for you and your company if you are trying to advertise to a specific clientele. If you want to know more just ask and I will be happy to answer any questions at all.

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Nick GriffinRe: how to get international clients
by on Sep 4, 2009 at 6:26:25 pm


Love your island above water almost as much as I love neighboring Bonaire beneath the water line. If only there was a way to combine the two.

While Matt's idea may make some sense, it does seem like a broad, and therefore expensive way to go for what is, by its nature, a narrow and specific business. In my experience broad advertising works great for things everyone buys -- cars, mattresses, groceries, etc. and not so good for services bought by a fraction of a percent of the general population, ie.- ad agencies, film producers, etc.

Fact of the matter is Thomas Friedman is right. The world is flat and with a broadband connection it really doesn't matter where you are physically if you work electronically. So Curacao is no different than Kansas City, which is not very different from Calais (France) if the contact you have with your customers and delivery vehicle for your product is the internet.

So the answers you are looking for are sales oriented. You must get your work in front of those people most likely to hire you and show them a new, different, perhaps even less expensive alternative to their current suppliers. The good news is that advertising creatives tend to be fickle. They're much more likely to change suppliers and experiment than most other people in business.

You might want to consider a mailer which capitalizes on your location and Caribbean / South American influenced work. You might want to consider identifying a handful of ideal prospects and send each a box mailer containing sand with a piece of sea fan along with your pitch and URL to view the demo. You might want to consider a winter promotion which promises a 4 day/ 3 night island stay to review the final render of any job over $10,000. What the hell, throw in a side trip to Bonaire and even I might start looking for work for you.

BTW, I believe that physical mail, especially 3D mailers (ie- box mailers) is FAR, FAR, FAR more effective these days than email. Email is dirt cheap, therefore easily ignored. You get what you pay for. Want someone's attention? Put something in their hands.

So what is the URL so we can see some of your work?

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adeeb oberoiRe: how to get international clients
by on Sep 7, 2009 at 4:12:59 pm

Hi, thanks for the ideas.

Nick, I see you are in New York. Be happy there because at this moment its VERY HOT here. Aircos ar working overtime!!! Great idea about the winter special, I am all for it.

My question is, where do I start? Ad agencies????? Just start targeting ad agencies? and where do i find them?

Well here is my link:

You will see we also do audio and music recordings. Actually we do like total productions for local cinemas too (visual effects/sound effects).
The cartoon animations were designed, scripted, storyboarded and voice overed inhouse.

Currently we are working on 3d characters with some very interesting projects pending.

Hope the link opens without problems.


Adeeb Oberoi

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Nick GriffinRe: how to get international clients
by on Sep 7, 2009 at 6:28:46 pm

[adeeb oberoi] "where do I start? Ad agencies????? Just start targeting ad agencies? and where do i find them?"

Fact of the matter is you're in a much better position to service an ad agency than you would be a direct client. Clients need their hands held (well, as do some agency people) and that requires being where they are.

One simple, yet pricey way to find agency names and personnel is the Advertising Agency Red Book. I would Google that and then Google phrases like "Ad Agency Creative Directors" and see what other, less expensive ways you can find of getting specific names.

I would also offer as a thought that you may find your best potential clients are not the big agencies, but the medium to small ones. They may also be more attuned to your pitch and the type of work you do. (And it never hurts to lead with Disney if you can legitimately say that the work came from them.)

The key to effective 3D mailers (like what I described) is to make them very engaging and attractive -- which means a high cost per unit. This means you will be sending them on a highly selective basis -- a mass mailing is simply not affordable for to many companies. Choose your targets carefully, verify them with a phone call to their receptionist or assistant, ("Hi, just checking to make sure that Joe Jackman is still your Creative Director...") and mail away.

From a cost-effectiveness standpoint it would probably be best if you are able to coordinate someone who could do the actual mailing from within the country you are targeting. That's going to be MUCH simpler than getting a box of sand through customs. Oh, and the Sea Fan idea... scratch that. A piece of dried Sea Fan is a dead coral and sending that is wrong on any number of levels.

As another source of business you might consider is going up into the larger windward and leeward islands. I don't know this for sure but when I was doing business in the Caribbean (past life in the ad world) there really wasn't much in the way of serious production happening outside of what was based in Puerto Rico. Even then, you might be competitive with them. There should be any number of larger hotels and others who want something more than they can get locally, but don't have the budget to fly production in from Miami. There are also any number of highly developed businesses in major capitals like Bridgetown, Barbados, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and so on. Just don't send them a box of sand or offer a beach front condo for coming to Curacao to watch a render. It just won't have the same draw. Physically calling on them will be far and away the best way to get business.

This is sales, Adeeb. You have to figure out what you can spend to go after what you want to achieve. And sorry to say, not everything will work. It's a LOT of trial and error.

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