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grinner hester
web marketing packages
on May 29, 2009 at 2:34:41 am

Wondering how many of you are transitioning into social networking advertising services from television advertising services. I'm doing less spots and more web packages in the form of custom twitter pages and youtube channels. I'm eating lot's of time as I stumble my way through the effenciencies but it's easy to see what we'll all be doing soon. Here's a package I just finished for a client:
I have facebook pluggin' twitter, linking to youtube, with mentions of all on myspace. I'm pitching these packages for one lump sum but find it challenging to persuade habitual tv advertisers to venture out.
Throw into the hat, if you would, your tips and tricks for optimal views and creative practices you've had success with in pitching these packages to clientele.

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Rich Rubasch
Re: web marketing packages
on May 29, 2009 at 3:03:21 am

This is a direction we are exploring, but we are looking to mostly produce/create the videos for their sites. We have done a couple of YouTube channels, but we also find that this is the next wave of video production that could keep us busy for the next few years.

Curious to hear more chime in if they have been successful doing it. still seems like people think YouTube videos are cheaper than regular videos and also that flat rating video productions is possible.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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Franklin McMahon
Re: web marketing packages
on May 30, 2009 at 3:35:32 pm

It's a huge market, even if you do a little research the numbers are ramping

For producers, the web is where the dollars are at. The cycle continues in a lot of fields, it comes down to knowing more than your clients.

When the web boomed web site producers make a killing because it was hard to do a site. Its tougher for them now, because you can create a blog now quickly. So many web designers are dovetailing into things like SEO, because that is a skill still hard for the average person.

Photography, when digital first started, people make a huge amount. Now anyone can get a DSLR and become a photographer. So it got tougher.

Games are a huge market, because its still hard for the average person to make and produce a quality game. Developers of iPhone apps and games are making it big, because an average client does not know where to begin.

So basically there is a wave you can surf, new technology comes out, its hard to do, you do it well, charge a lot, repeat. But waves always taper off.

Social media, web video, podcasts...companies having their brand on social networks, web video, etc. is still a challenge for brands. It gets easier all the time, but still tricky. Being a social media expert past few years has made a lot a lot of money for people, however now everyone is getting into the game, so its still a little tougher to stand out, but still a huge market.

Producers do one thing basically, tell networks, the web, video, all is story telling. An exciting new avenue to tell stories and convey the stories of clients is social networks and the web. It is tough because the tools and technology literally change every single week. As soon as you create a facebook and twitter account, you realize you need to create a account to link them...and so on.

There is no bigger buzz then the web, online video and social networks, and no bigger market that is expanding as rapidly. It is hard to keep up with, but its like surfing, there are good surfers and there are surfers good at looking for the next big wave. Being on the top of a current wave gives you are birds eye view of the next big wave. And so on...


P.S. BTW Grinner I approved your LinkedIn introduction to Chris, great guy, good luck and keep working the networks ;)

Franklin McMahon / Host PODCAST
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grinner hester
Re: web marketing packages
on May 30, 2009 at 5:29:49 pm

thanks, Frank. you cooo, man.

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