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Douglas Gerlach
Marketing Resources
on May 7, 2009 at 6:37:36 pm

I am a corporate/business video producer looking for a good resource such as an e-book that will help me improve my marketing and advertising so my business can grow. I've been in business for a number of years and want to increase the number of larger projects. I'm looking for effective methods to reach the people within companies and organizations that need video production services.

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Karla Patterson
Re: Marketing Resources
on May 7, 2009 at 7:43:12 pm

Hi Douglas, I am looking for the same thing. It seems like I have reached a limit on the sales levels and project levels that I can get myself.

Next week I begin a business coaching program. I'm also looking into companies that provide qualified leads. They do a large part of the selling.

In addition to the normal networking, I'm hoping that these 2 tactics pay off.

Have a wonderful day!

Well behaved women rarely make history.
Karla Patterson
Video 7 Production Co., Inc.

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Chris Blair
Re: Marketing Resources
on May 8, 2009 at 1:39:21 am

Most of the large projects we've won over the years have come about through persistent "selling" of our services to those particular companies. What usually happens is after a period of trying to get them to try us (with one company we stayed after them for 5 years), they'll throw us a small nugget of a project.

These projects were usually small, with limited budgets and of little significance. What we usually did was try to "hit a homerun" so to speak with this small project. Which means we worked our butts off to make it as impressive as possible. That usually meant putting in twice as many hours as we were getting paid.

If you're lucky, the client is impressed, and they give you a slightly larger, more important, larger budget project. We try to do the same on that one. Once they become confident that we're:

1. Good at what we do.
2. Can deliver on-time and on-budget.
3. Are enjoyable to work with.

More work usually follows. I'm not sure there's any big secret to winning large accounts, unless you're incredibly gifted and already in demand, have some special technique or process that people are enamored with, or you're already a large company with an impressive client roster.

Another method we've used that's worked a couple of times is to find a service or project a large client is using or having done. Study it and find out what the client likes or dislikes about it. Is it too expensive, is the vendor responsive (or not), do they get the work on-time etc. Then offer them the same service or work at better quality and a better price.

As an example, we have a client that has 16 web sites and they use video on all of them. They use a large Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store, manage and deliver them. The client continually complained to us about how they disliked working with the company. They noted problems ranging from poor customer service to incompetent technical support. We even tried to help them by acting as an intermediary and trying to solve their problems with the CDN company, and we saw first hand how bad the service and support was.

So we put together a pitch to encode, prepare, upload, manage and deliver their videos on our own video hosting service, and do it at half the price of what the current company is charging them. We'd still make a significant profit and their web video headaches would go away. They love the offer, but are tied up in contracts with the CDN until the end of the year. But it looks like it will pay off in the client moving their video hosting to us.

As an aside, we've never done this before. So we're learning all we can now to prepare. We're pretty knowledgeable about most of it, having done a ton of compression and web video, but we've never actually set anything like it up. But for a big account, we'll learn.

Chris Blair
Magnetic Image, Inc.
Evansville, IN

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Timothy J. Allen
Re: Marketing Resources
on May 11, 2009 at 6:54:16 pm

The American Marketing Association has quite a few resources, including white papers, studies, webinars, seminars, etc. Many of these are free.

Check out the "resources" tab under:

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