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My first self-produced project - Seeking advice form COW Jedis and Jedi Masters

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Bruce Bennett in Madison, WI
My first self-produced project - Seeking advice form COW Jedis and Jedi Masters
on Jul 15, 2007 at 1:36:55 am

I am just starting to put together my first self produced video project. It involves getting the

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Nick Griffin
Re: My first self-produced project - Seeking advice form COW Jedis and Jedi Masters
on Jul 15, 2007 at 4:34:09 pm


OK This is all MUCHHHHH easier said than done, but:

Get yourself paid at multiple points of the process. Being compensated as the writer and director happens in the production phase regardless of what happens at the back end. Likewise being paid as the editorial house and/or supervising producer in the middle should not be an issue.

As the Exec. Producer you can arrange to have a minimum compensation at the back end, but the degree to which you can make this show attractive to investors likely will be directly related to how they see you sharing the "profits" with them. This is where you want your investors focusing on -- how you be dividing the net at THIS stage, with the expenses of the production already taken from the gross. If you, as Exec. Producer and production company put up everything in the hopes of winning big, you risk losing big. If you limit your risk to the back end part of the project you are at least partially protected from getting seriously burned.

If this is based on a single industry is it possible to first go to the biggest single player in the industry and see if they would like to either sponsor the whole thing or at least be the lead sponsor? Having one big boss is almost always simpler than multiple bosses, each thinking you need to answer their concerns. Then again, it can be even better when you go in the complete opposite direction and have so many sponsors that none of them get the idea that they can control the project.

And one other thought: write the sponsorship agreement yourself but have an attorney make sure that it's a contract. And that, by the way, is a front end expense.

Having spent the last couple of years on something very similar to this, and having within the last couple of months FINALLY lined up enough financing to begin production, I can say one thing from experience: Unless you truly trip and fall into the shaft of a gold mine, when you look back on the whole process you likely will see that it is nowhere near as profitable on an hour by hour basis as is simply being hired to write, shoot and edit a job. At least that's been my experience with industry-specific projects. I'm sure that entertainment projects which appeal to the general public are far more profitable, otherwise there would be considerably fewer movies and TV shows.

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Re: My first self-produced project - Seeking advice form COW Jedis and Jedi Masters
on Jul 20, 2007 at 4:49:24 am

I'd target the top 10 honchos, develop a presentation and schedule meetings to demonstrate/explain to them why their company should fund this project. For each "NO" you hear, you'll learn more about how to adjust your presentation for the next prospect. Can't say that you'll eventually hear a "yes" but I can say that you'll get closer and closer with each experience to making this happen.

Also, get the industry associations excited about the project. They can educate you on how to get the funding or can help you with fundraising efforts. These people already know how to raise funds and have the trust of their members.

Regarding how you will get paid, I would just package it as a budget that your company needs to produce the project. No need to break it down into individual responsibilities.

Also, in your presentation, make sure you explain how the project will be distributed and how the prospective sponsor's brand will be represented every step of the way.

It's hard to brain dump everything in one session but hopefully this will help a little. Good luck!


Kristopher G. Simmons

Video Business Coach

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