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Improving quoting process

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malcolmlandImproving quoting process
by on Feb 12, 2007 at 12:58:08 pm

Hi there, I run a small and growing video production business in South Australia. I am at the stage of needing to step up the way I present myself to prospective clients and one part I need to improve is preparing an effective quote. I am looking for assistance in knowing the key points to include in a quote to ensure that it will give a client confidence both in us and our understanding of their needs. I hope someone out there has some ideas. Just a few points will really help. Thanks, Simon.

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JBaumchenRe: Improving quoting process
by on Feb 12, 2007 at 6:23:51 pm

I used to use the following format to quote. I split it up into the four major areas of video production.

1. Preproduction
Here I listed all the things that need to happen prior to the actual taping and who was responsible for what. Example: Delivery of approved script (client), Location approval (client),Filming permits (you), Booking talent, (you), and dates.

2. Production
When, where, how long.
3. Post production
Graphics, titles, credits, F/X

4. Change Orders
How much for what, conditions, signatures required.

With each of the first three stages, I stated an amount that would be due and payable on the completion of the particular stage and by a particular date. (the due date was to keep the project on track, other wise, the clinet could get lazy and not bother to provide you with what you need from them, i.e., material, graphics...etc.)

When you and the client are reviewing the proposal, make sure that they designate one, (1), person who has the authority to make change orders. It can prevent headaches down the road. (Three people giving you conflicting change orders is not fun.)

Basically your quote should contain all the services you will provide, when you'll provide them, how much it will cost, when payments are due, client responsibilities, and the sign off process.

The video university site has some great resources that may shed some light and give you some ideas as well.


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JBaumchenRe: Improving quoting process
by on Feb 12, 2007 at 6:29:56 pm

Here's a great article that you might find helpful.

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malcolmlandRe: Improving quoting process
by on Feb 13, 2007 at 12:07:47 am

Thank you so much. You have put me in touch with some quality info and people. I am learning so much from what you've introduced me to. Thank you again, Simon.

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