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Bob ColePresentation of DVDs
by on Nov 7, 2006 at 11:56:58 pm

This may be a stupid question, but my marketing department and my corporate-identity firm are both on vacation, so I turn to you.

I provide videography and post-production both to other producers and directly to end-users (usually non-profit orgs). Especially when I am providing services for other producers, I have been thinking about changing the way I present and label the end products, usually DVDs. Two basic questions:

1. In the interest of making the best possible presentation, I have been giving away for free, basically, some very limited DVD add-ons (a nice DVD menu, and printing a company logo, perhaps some special graphic, and titles on the actual DVD). It doesn't take me long, and it helps to set the tone of professionalism, which in turn reduces the number of silly revision requests. So I can certainly justify it for my own productions.

But when I'm producing for other producers, this unpaid work is starting to get old, so I'm looking for an alternative but still nice label. Also, I'd like to find a way to get paid for "pretty."

2. When working for other producers, I've been very shy about putting my own company i.d. on DVDs. I'd like to get my name around as much as possible, but I'm even more intent on a good relationship with these producers, so I refrain. so, I wind up producing great-looking DVDs, without even having my name on them. Grrrr.

To kill both birds with one stone, I've been thinking about developing a standard label which is much like the labels from a dub house, or the slates that a post-production facility would put on a master. I've thought about having a "real designer" create a label, and having my blank DVD media printed by a company which specializes in printing, so that I can include a subtle but good-looking printed i.d. for my own facility, while including lots of prominent blank space so I could Sharpie in the title, the producer of record, the running time, etc.

I think that if I confine my i.d. to something fairly benign, like "DVD services by XYZ/phone number/website" then my producer clients won't be too annoyed. On the other hand, if they are annoyed, then perhaps they'll see their way clear to paying me more for a custom-designed DVD which has THEIR name on it, and excludes mine. Which would be better than the present situation.

Your comments are welcome.

-- Bob C

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JBaumchenRe: Presentation of DVDs
by on Nov 9, 2006 at 7:09:58 pm

I would suggest that you charge the client for doing the artwork and great menus. Afterall, if you didn't do it, the client would have to hire a graphic artist to do it.

As for putting your name on the media, it's a good thing to get the client's permission first, after all, it is their project. I used to put a three second black video clips after the clients video and then my logo at the tail end.

You might consider trading your graphics expertise for exposure on the client's media.


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Bob Colepost-production dilemma
by on Nov 10, 2006 at 3:42:05 pm

I guess what if boils down to is a conflict between interests which applies particularly to people who provide post-production services to producers:

You're supposed to get your name out there as often as you can -- certainly on stuff you've done. BUT #1: You're in a service business to make the client look good. BUT #2: That should not mean letting them take credit for what you've contributed.

A slick-looking label/design which makes the producer/client look classy, and includes your own company's name, seems like a good way out.

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Bruce Bennett in Madison, WIRe: Presentation of DVDs
by on Nov 10, 2006 at 9:58:19 pm


When I started in the biz 14 years ago, I used to think the same thing as you are now: "I wish I could put my name on this great video so I can get some recognition."

Now, when I look at the stuff I produced during my "early years" I say to myself, "Man, I'm glad that I didn't put my name on this stuff even though it was very good for that time in my career development."

Just my own personal thoughts - take if for what you think it's worth :)


Bruce Bennett,
Bennett Marketing & Media Production, LLC -

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Bob ColeRe: Presentation of DVDs
by on Nov 10, 2006 at 11:53:32 pm

Funny, and true. Painfully true in some cases.

But your work must have been well-received THEN, or you wouldn't be on this forum NOW.

I don't put my name on-screen for anything corporate. I'm just talking about packaging and labeling.

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Bruce Bennett in Madison, WIRe: Presentation of DVDs
by on Nov 11, 2006 at 1:34:04 pm


Yeah, it's good to have your contact info on "client approvals." For a few for that recognition, two: it makes it easy for the to order more copies form you, and three: for technical support if they need it while on the road.

I work with Rich Rubasch at Tilt Media for lots of stuff. He has been on the COW for a long time (and I think he hosts a few a these posts) (wow, I'm not only a writer, but a poet). Rich uses an Epson 4-color inkjet printer that really rocks and produces great results. Maybe you could find him on the COW and email him to find out what he bought. If you invest $ into such a beasty, then you can get low run DVD copy jobs and it probably would pay for itself after a couple of jobs.


Bruce Bennett,
Bennett Marketing & Media Production, LLC -

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