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Source needed for statistics on how video can help companies make money

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Source needed for statistics on how video can help companies make money
on Aug 14, 2006 at 5:02:02 pm

I've been ramping up my marketing lately and one area that I think needs help is getting clients to do more business with me. I've had many people or companies in need of a video call me when they were referred by a friend or another company. It's usually pretty easy to make the sale at that point. After establishing a new client I usually do nothing and hope they see the benefit of the video they just commissioned and start using me more often.

I'd like to get a little more aggressive in that area and be able to show clients how video can make their company more successful. These people usually speak in numbers so I was hoping there was a study out there somewhere that showed statistics of companies that use video versus companies that don

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Tim Kolb
Re: Source needed for statistics on how video can help companies make money
on Aug 20, 2006 at 3:43:26 pm

The problem is that you could also look for statistics on how spending more on safety helps the bottom line...

The issue is that implementation is where the rubber meets the road. A company with an awful sales force or ineffective messaging won't gain sales by committing that messaging to video. A company with a poor training program won't be able to train people any better with a video...just like all the investment in signage and equipment in the world won't make a company safe unless the company has made a committment to be so.

You will see several sources who map out all kinds of equations on how you can take a "template" project out to businesses and they'll all just buy it right there because you can show them the results they can achieve.

Bottom two customers, sales forces, company cultures, management team mindsets...are the same. We've had companies in our area that could quite obviously benefit from more media tools in various areas of their business, and even though the company is large enough to easily do this, the culture of the company isn't it doesn't happen. We've turned down jobs that were offered to us when it was obvious the plan for a video project was ill-conceived and will simply never deliver the results the client was hoping for...

Corporate video is all about diagnosis. You have to get a foot into the door of a company in some manner and gain some trust first. Perhaps there is a small project which gets you acquainted with some of the people in the company and from there you can look at how things work. Maybe you'll find that the company sells some large item like bulldozers and you happen into a conversation where the sales manager is lamenting how difficult and expensive it is to get prospective customers to the company proving grounds...(video based product demo...), or how their brochure costs are eating them alive and they seem to only line prospect's garbage cans...(PDF brochures on a CD/DVD WITH the video based product demo...), etc, etc, etc, etc....

Opportunities tend to be somewhat singular and individual in this business and you have to see the need once you have a bit of a pulse on the company. You can't help a company be more successful by selling it help it be more successful by solving its problems. And you can't do that until you know what they are.


Kolb Productions,
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