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What marketing ideas have worked for YOU? What ADS, Mailers, etc?

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What marketing ideas have worked for YOU? What ADS, Mailers, etc?
on Jun 16, 2006 at 6:59:56 pm

Nobody wants to be the salesman, but if you have your own business like me you have to explore new markets and new ways to reach them. Of course it's more fun to read about the gadgets in the other forums, but you can buy more of them if you market well.

Anybody have any success stories about ways to generate business?

1. YELLOW PAGES got my repeat business started but does not pay for itself on a yearly basis.

2. WORD OF MOUTH has been the best since the initial yellow pages.

3. I did a test run of about 50 MAILERS and got back one response so I may explore that more.

New Markets I am just breaking into:

Construction (believe it or not)

Anybody have any thoughts or success stories?



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Ron Lindeboom
Re: What marketing ideas have worked for YOU? What ADS, Mailers, etc?
on Jun 16, 2006 at 7:09:28 pm

I tend to believe that people do best in the field or endeavor that they are passionate about. For some (like me), that is music. For others, their passions may run to environmental, political or spiritual issues. Others, love business for business' own sake.

Depending on your interests, you can point your business mind in that direction and you will usually do better than someone who is just a "hired gun" just glancing at the field.

Me, I have always done best when I do some "pre planning" and think about what I want to achieve and then consider a list of prospects that fit that outlook. I have also then studied the history and focus of the companies that I want to work with and set an appointment to make a presentation based around one of the "holes in their armor" that I have found and one of the ways that I would work to strengthen their position. Usually, they are shocked that you know about them, their plans and goals, when they excel and one area where they have yet to optimize their market presence -- never say "failed" as you will put them instantly in an adversarial role nine-times-out-of-ten.

Those are my immediate thoughts coming in a busy and overworked day. ;o)

Best regards,

Ron Lindeboom

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mark Suszko
Re: What marketing ideas have worked for YOU? What ADS, Mailers, etc?
on Jun 17, 2006 at 3:00:54 am

Well it never stops amazing me what person to person talking can accomplish in the right situation. I'm also a big believer in doing your P.R. right to generate impressions and create a base from which to talk to clients in a non-sales mode that leads to sales later. Things like networking chamber of commerce meetings, social organizations, etc. But also, generating stories about you and your work in the paper. Doing some charity/ pro-bono work as a way to build recognition.

Back in my wedding videographer and forensic video days, I never had to advertise, it was ALL referrals and word of mouth; my happy repeat customers were my sales force. I've been out of weddings now for maybe five years or more, and I'm STILL getting occasional calls based on my earlier rep. Now I turn those into referrals to other guys I like and respect that will keep up the same level of work and value. We all try and help each other out that way.

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Nick Griffin
Re: What marketing ideas have worked for YOU? What ADS, Mailers, etc?
on Jun 17, 2006 at 11:51:12 am

Word of mouth is invariably the best form of marketing because it has the highest credability. But since that can be a very slow thing to get started -- and up to a level capable of producing a sustainable income -- you have to look to other sources.

Yellow Pages? Maybe. But only of you're selling to the general public, ie. - weddings/events and other things that people (vs. companies) might use.

Mailers can work but are most efficient if targeted by both the list used and the message conveyed. For example, if you want to produce TV spots go for lists of ad agency creatives and marketing titles within companies you'd like to work for. Depending on how big your mailing will be this can easily be a list you compile yourself from research and phone calls, rather than purchasing from a list broker.

Targeting the message is the most important thing. Using the example above, let's say you're going after ad agency creatives and your mailer includes a CD, DVD or web link to your work. Guess what? You're not very unique because, depending on their size and client base, they may get a dozen unsolicited reels a week. How do you stand out from this crowd? Don't try to sell them with a message like "watch my reel." Seek to educate / inform them with a lead in along the lines of "10 new techniques for making spots which get noticed" or, "World class annimation and motion graphics at local market prices" , etc.

Oh, and one more thought. Your work has to be worthy of any hype you surround it with. Otherwise promotion is a waste of time. But considering the fact that you're someone who posts on the COW, your work is probably dynamite, right?

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Re: What marketing ideas have worked for YOU? What ADS, Mailers, etc?
on Jun 23, 2006 at 5:41:48 am

Fantastic Stuff,

Thank you very much gentlemen, and anybody else please keep it coming. Interesting that I am actually breaking into the Wedding market right now. Weddings were something that I initially avoided, but the truth is that it is a big fat segment.

I would love to work with more bands as I am in one myself, but most of the bands that I approach are too poor to pay a price that would make it worth it for me to work with them. Using what I have seen above, I think I could specifically target bands that can pay by using phrases like, "Professional music video production starting as low as $2000!"

Thank you all again for your posts, you just can't imagine how helpful it is. This is also why the COW is one of my favorite places on earth!

Keep em' coming!


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