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Initial (speculative) meeting long way to travel - Charge?

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Martin PhillipsInitial (speculative) meeting long way to travel - Charge?
by on Mar 14, 2006 at 4:19:42 pm

I gave a quote for a job and they have invited me to come for a meeting. The only problem is that they are 300 miles plus a short air trip away - I presume that they will be seeing other producers, so it is a purely speculative investment of over

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GregRe: Initial (speculative) meeting long way to travel - Charge?
by on Mar 15, 2006 at 3:40:24 pm


You need to ask this prospective client about what they are basing their decision on. Is it cost only, or is quality more important. Find out who else they are talking to. Have they done a project like this before? Were they pleased with it? Why are they not using the same production company for this project. Get as many answers as possible, then determine your chances of realistically getting the job. If you were the client, would you pay for the travel expenses and other costs to hire you? Or would you hire a local company?

I flew from Ft Lauderdale to Nashville , stayed overnight in a hotel, paid for meals, parking, taxi, etc. At the end, the client decided that they waanted to hire a certain "local" company they've used before, and told me it was because I had no experience shooting within a shopping mall. Had i found out they wanted that experience (which is hogwash), I would have saved about $900 in travel for nothing. Some say it's the cost of doing business. I say it's the cost for not gettting the business.


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Bob ColeRe: Initial (speculative) meeting long way to travel - Charge?
by on Mar 18, 2006 at 5:18:19 pm

Sometimes a frank question generates a frank answer. I was asked to come in for a meeting that required travel, so I told them it was a busy time for me, and asked how they got my name, why they had thought of me, and whether they had other people in mind. I was told that they needed three bids and they really liked XYZ Company. I said, "Thanks for thinking of me," and declined to help them by being one of the bidders they had no intention of hiring. I guess if I had said, "I charge for meetings," that would have ended it right there too.

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Martin PhillipsRe: Initial (speculative) meeting long way to travel - FOLLOW UP
by on May 22, 2006 at 1:38:11 pm

Well, guess what happened? I went all the way down there - rather strange meeting, didn't hear anything for 4 weeks - only when I emailed did a response come back saying they were using a local company. Sent an invoice for expenses, which they have refused to pay. Might send a letter along the lines of very disappointed etc. etc., but best action is probably to forget about it!

Have come to expect the odd knock like this from time to time, but still leaves you feeling annoyed and taken advantage of.

Well, we learn by expeience!!

Regards, Martin.

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