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Geoff RichardsonEvent video pod Cast
by on Feb 10, 2006 at 10:11:57 pm

Hello, Im looking for advice or suggestions. There is a Gaming convention (board, console and computer) that happends 1 a yr. I am planning to produce a video pod cast from the convention. Content will be On the spot interviews from the attendees, exhibitors and special guests. Each will be roughly 2-3 minutes. Posting online via video pod casting 1 roughly every hour.

This isnt the tough part for me. What Im having a tough time figuring out is how to either break even or make money doing this.

Iv had ideas ranging from getting viewers that subscribe to the pod cast pay a small fee, to approaching the organizers, or finding a sponsor. I dont have experience in the $ end of things. I have usually been on the creative side.

Any suggestion or advice would be welcome.

Geoff Richardson - Visual Effects Artist

Vancouver Work# 604-602-2608 Ext #2608
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Rich RubaschRe: Event video pod Cast
by on Feb 11, 2006 at 1:53:37 am

I would definately find a sponsor. How much would you need to cover costs and take a bit home? I would sell them a bug on the clips for the whole length. "Your daily podcast from the gaming floor...sponsored by..."

I think the pay-per model might not work because you don't know who will be downloading. That also makes it hard to sell to a potential sponsor. The first thing they will ask is how big is your audience.

Do you currently podcast? Is it successful?

If you can get a sponsor, let them gamble on how many hits you get. I wouldn't do this unless I was independently wealthy or had the money from a sponsor up front.

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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Michael MunkittrickRe: Event video pod Cast
by on Feb 12, 2006 at 8:36:30 pm

Podcasting is unfortunately a line of distribution that offers little in the way of profit unless you've the means to have your message sponsored or subleased by someone who would benefit from the exposure to your audience. If you've got the means to do so, find a sponsor ASAP an make your podcast as interesting and entertaining as you possibly can so as to build interest.

I only began doing podcasts in 2004 and at that time, the novelty alone was dragging sponsors to the new blog. Times are changing again, but the need to create something of value will always prove to be profitable over time to those who are both tech savvy and financially aware of their needs.

Good luck!

Michael Munkittrick
Managing Creative Director
Evolve Media Solutions

Forum COWmunity leader for:
Sony DV
Magic Bullet

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Geoff RichardsonRe: Event video pod Cast
by on Feb 14, 2006 at 1:29:49 am

Thanks for the feedback. I have never approached a potential sponsor before. I assume I will have to go to them with a porfolio and a possible working concept. Then work out details of how to insert them into the videos. I can see them wanting to see the videos before I post them, which could delay the posting for days or longer. Unless they have a rep onsite that can sign off.

Geoff Richardson - Visual Effects Artist

Vancouver Work# 604-602-2608 Ext #2608
Email --

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