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Jeffrey F. KrepnerCoffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 2, 2006 at 8:38:06 pm

Hey Business Cows

I just wanted to get some general advice, and perhaps some pricing suggestions from anyone that has produced videos for clients to be used in a tradeshow. The client is a coffee importer/producer/vendor that has a big coffee industry tradeshow coming up in DC on the weekend of Feb 24th - so it's a rush job. They will have a mock coffee shop set up in the booth and they want to display *something* on a flat panel mounted on the wall behind the counter. it looks like they are spending big bucks on the booth, so I guess they have a good budget.

Two approaches come to mind; a simple slideshow/PowerPoint feed via computer, or a looped DVD. I think they'll go with the DVD option since it will allow us to use video footage, better sound, better graphics, etc. Short of flying to Columbia to film beans being harvested, we might get some stock footage of coffee harvesting, people drinking coffee in shops, as well as some stock footage that I can pan/scan behind the bullet points. I'll need to film the roasting process and some other factory type things, so I figure a day to shoot, maybe a half. I'll be acting as writer on this since they don't really know what they want. So I need to bill for my creative ideas - since they don't have anything specific in mind, they "just want a video."

My concern is that this is an after thought for them, so it's not the only thing on display and not the key part of the booth. I'd like to charge them a fairly high amount and do a really nice video for them, not a little throw-together. Maybe I can sell them on the idea that this video can be used and repurposed for other things, like their web and as promo material that they mail to potential customers. (Good idea: then I can, of course, be the person they go to to get copies made!)

1) How long should a tradeshow video be? I guess shorter the better - right?
2) Is this overkill? Would they just be better off with a little slideshow?
3) Assuming they go with me and the video idea, do you feel a tradeshow video would be effective in trying to convey such things as the history of the company - or is best just to flash some pretty pictures of coffee?
4) For cost, I guess I'll need to figure my rate for a day of shooting, maybe 10 - 20 hours to edit/author, plus some "rush-job" time.
5) Any other thoughts from the tradeshow perspective?

Sorry to ramble - they gave me some free samples and I'm a little wired.

Thanks in advance!


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Rich RubaschRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 3, 2006 at 2:35:13 am

I did one for a builder (architect) and it was about 3-4 minutes in length...people won't stand at a booth much more than that for one video. However, in your case I have a few questions. What is the design of the booth? Is it a coffee shop atmosphere, warm and cozy? Do they have a slogan or tag line? Anything you can pull from their logo as elements that might make tasty wallpaper? I don't know that you need to show the actual process, but rather do something on the screen that grabs an eye or two and pulls someone in closer. You know how the trade show thing goes...a lot of people walk on by. You need to find something that will stop them in their tracks.

Don't assume that since they spent a bundle on the booth that they will spend a bundle on the walpaper in the booth. You need to get a budget from them. That should be first so yo know what you can work with. However if you want to purchase some images of coffee beans for the piece, let them know they can use them in future pieces, so it's a good investment.

In the builder piece we had some excellent images of some high end architecture. I used them along with some simple text messages and the client chose some serious rocking tracks to grab them and off she went. I built the loop to the first track and we looped the visuals and chose a second song so it wasn't the same song over and was two songs over and over!

I just see something a lot more stylized and inviting. Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and watched a video of how they harvest and roast their beans? I just don't see that being very effective.

Actually I see this as all graphics...

Rich Rubasch
Tilt Media

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jmichaelRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 3, 2006 at 3:41:49 am

You could follow the beans progression from picking/harvest through transport, roasting, and build the tempo as coffee is used to drive the economy, ending with the closing of a big deal in a boardroom.

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BobRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 3, 2006 at 12:31:03 pm

Follow a super-sexy actress through her morning routine, intercut with the coffee-making-roasting-whatever-ering process. ECU her eyes open, match dissolve through to ECU coffee bean being picked, brown bean matches her iris. She showers, beans are getting washed / steam from her coffeemaker rises, beans are being roasted.... you get the idea. Lots of almost-scandalous imagery (she's getting dressed...) All culminating in her first ultra-sensual (ous?) sip of god's nectar, and dissolve to company's employees standing in a group smiling, nodding their heads, (close enough so you get the impression they've been watching HER), as tagline comes up - "Your customers have a better day when we're there to help..." (or somesuch)

Send concept check to:

Bob Woodhead / Atlanta
G5 DP 2G, 10.3.4, 3.5GB RAM, FCP 4.5, Aja IO, Huge 320R [raid3]

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Mark SuszkoRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 3, 2006 at 5:37:08 pm

I would contact a stock house like WPA and order up a large number of ultra-short clips of coffee being brewed, served, sipped, from old movies and industrials. I would intersperse them with some guys and gals doing poetry slams, all with a coffee theme. Jazz music bed, with bongos. Hepcat vibe, lots of blue and dark maroon shades. If you're using it as an attract gimmick, you pace it so you can come into it and depart at any point, so each poem should be 60 seconds long or so, interspersed with some motion graphics and the aforementioned historic clips. Maybe get the rights to use the song, "I like the java-jive, and it likes me", I think it was The Andrews Sisters, at least that era. Probably can't afford Sinatra's "They grow an awful lotta coffee in Brazil", but maybe you can find a cover of it by someone else for less.

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Jeffrey F. KrepnerRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 6, 2006 at 7:01:40 pm

Rich, I agree this might be a graphic/still piece. The booth is designed to look like a coffee shop, more Star Bucks than "Central Perk" (NBC-Friends) - so it looks clean and contemporary. I lowered my shooting rate and increased my editing rate in the quote I sent them in anticipation of using mostly stock house stuff. I mentioned that the images we buy can be used by them for future projects, and in fact, their web guy said he some images already as well logos and other promo stuff I can use as elements. I agree that seeing the coffee being roasted isn't really all that sexy, and their warehouse/coffee roasting area isn't all that great visually anyway, so now I have to figure out how to take pictures of coffee and make it interesting enough to grab people's attention. Someone else suggested I make 2 or 3 shorter videos and alternate between exciting eye-candy videos and informative videos. (one to grab attention and one to inform)

Bob and Mark,

I love you ideas of the sexy woman fixing coffee intercut with coffee brewing and the jazz-themed video. I'm afraid there isn't enough time to get something like that together. The tradeshow is Feb 24th. Maybe next time.

Thanks for the ideas everyone.


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Jeffrey F. KrepnerRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 6, 2006 at 7:33:12 pm

Bob, the check is in the mail. (Do you take Venezuelan bolivars?)

(mind dump) Thinking about it again, I'm going to talk to the owner today and see if we can change things up. If it's a trade show for coffee industry insiders, they know what roasting coffee looks like, so showing the big roasting machine isn't going to impress anyone in attendance. I mean, it does show that my client isn't a fly by night organization, but there isn't much reason to spend but a few seconds on the process.

After spending a few hours looking at stock images and footage, I'm still not sure where this is going. Most stock houses have pictures of people drinking coffee, coffee cups, and raw beans. Unlike, say Rich's architectural video, there isn't much detail to zoom in on or focus on. If I was dealing with large 2K/3K sized files of buildings or landscapes I could pan/scan around, but a person standing there drinking coffee doesn't really need clarifying thru a zoom.

Perhaps I need to get creative as Bob and Mark have suggested.


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Mark SuszkoRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 6, 2006 at 8:52:42 pm

You can find a bunch of cheap clip art and key it with some color effects, layer it with some motion video of character generated coffee-related words and phrases, and DVE the cr@p out of it to make a looping background. Over this you use bits of the stock footage clips, and the music bed. For an interstitial, you cna do a "coffee trivia quiz", using CG sreens over that graphic bed, ask a question, and give three multiple-choice answers below. Let the question sit for just enough time to read the answers twice, then highlight th eanswer and move on. make the quiz questions a mix of really obscure and really easy. At the end of the loop, you can post a curve of grades key, where 100 percent right is "Venti" or only 1 right is "demitasse", or something like that. You could gather the questions and answers in a night of wiki and googling, and build the keys in a day. The booth guys can give out a special prize to you if you got all ten or whatever questions right. Even if you don't stay to watch all the questions, you will probably stay long enough to read and retain one, and if you have a logo bug in the corner of the screen or incorporated int he wallpaper of the screen, that's a good impression to leave. Just take my advice and don't ask any questions about those coffee beans that get their flavor from being passed thru the GI tract of a Civet cat. =:-p

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BobRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 6, 2006 at 9:53:54 pm

If you're in proximity to their factory, maybe you can shoot enough to make the spot I outlined. Keep in mind I was selling sex more than the process. Something to grab the eyeballs & make 'em wait around for the payoff. So it wasn't her making coffee, it was her doing her morning routine cut against your client's bean routine. Make some kind of visual connection between the two each shot, progressing both, but always lots of enticing ECU - without making it trashy. Since time is a big factor, maybe shoot for a :30 (or so, since airtime's not an issue) and put a couple of minutes of "floaty text n' pix" in between loops of the spot. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT attempt this on decaf. :))))))))

On yeah, to steal a bit from Mark's post, after the spot, after a bit o' floaty text or two, ask a trivia question (onscreen) about something in the spot, and the viewer wins some bauble.

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BobRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 6, 2006 at 9:55:41 pm

2 lucious mounds of beans waiting to be roasted, match dissolve to 2 lucious mounds.... ooops.... the keyboard's still on......

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Jeffrey F. KrepnerRe: Coffee Trade Show Video Suggestion
by on Feb 6, 2006 at 10:47:36 pm

Thanks again guys, some good ideas here.


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