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Showing past reels of editors - opinions

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nestorlShowing past reels of editors - opinions
by on Jan 18, 2006 at 10:29:11 pm

Hello all. I would love your opinion on the following situation:

We have a small post suite and we are doing some marketing of our services to regional ad agencies, etc. Before opening this post suite most of our commercial work was all inclusive in that we did the pro and post of each project

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Tim KolbRe: Showing past reels of editors - opinions
by on Jan 19, 2006 at 2:02:17 am

If you are completely clear on the origin of the material, I can't personally see the problem. Maybe put sections in the reel where each editor has sort of a segment...that way the resume is attributed to the editor, and you can credibly answer the question as well.


Kolb Productions,
Creative Cow Host,

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Frank OttoRe: Showing past reels of editors - opinions
by on Jan 19, 2006 at 4:36:59 pm

I don't thinbk I'd co-mingle the reels.

You have your company reel to show the work of the you are utilizing "day hire" editors I'd have the sample reel of each one availiable to show clients who may be on the bubble or have expressed an interest in your shop and want to pick an editor that matches their project.

It's not an uncommon practice in the larger agencies to have the editors' reels availible along with DoP's and other artists who are allied with the agency, regardless of who's agency produced. Those reels are also used to brainstorm or avoid a look-a-like situation.

When I've seen those "house stable" reels there has been a slate of the editor's name and the agency the spot was done by...then there's no question as to who did what.


Frank Otto

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JohnRe: Showing past reels of editors - opinions
by on Jan 23, 2006 at 9:12:11 pm

Good day Nestor,

I don't see a problem showing the work that your editors' have created as long as you know that you can do that same type of work at your post house. I think many people fail to realize it isn't the machines that are creative it's the editors, graphic artists and sound engineers who are creative. These people are your post house and their reels let the clients know what they are getting.

My reel has things from a couple differnt places, but it is my work and that is what counts, because what you see from me is what you get.


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