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Dilema in buying equipment

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Chris Huggett
Dilema in buying equipment
on Nov 30, 2005 at 11:50:52 pm

Hey guys

I have a bit of a dilema that i hope to solve with some of your wisdom.

I am running a small home based business producing motion graphics and DVD Production. The business is doing reasonably well considering that i also have a full time job working in a TV station. I handle most calls from my cell phone whilst at work and pick up most jobs on my way home from work. I then work on them in the spare hours that i have.

This is working well, but im ready to start making more of my home based business and go full time in the next year (2nd half of the year). I have a web designer redesigning my website and i will be using a company to Optimise my website to generate more traffic. I have a mailbox campaign planned in the next month or two to generate extra work and also advertised in the business directories. There is still more to do, but i believe this is a good start.

The majority of my work is DVD production. I subcontract another company to duplicate the discs. They do a very good job, but i now would like to keep this function with me. So i am looking at purchasing some expensive equipment, but don't know what yet to buy. I have a budget of $20k.

The options i have are
(prices are Australian dollars)
a. Purchase an automatic Disc Printer (Everest II) with upto 300disc bin($15k) and with it comes for free a 7 stack DVD tower (manual).
b. Purchase an auto 2 x DVD burner and Everest II printer which has a 50 disc bin ($18500K) or
c. Purcahse an auto DVD burner and Everest II printer with a 300 disc bin ($19500)

At the moment i am still working a full time job and the auto options seem the way to go, however the fact that there is a single burner with a 300 bin or dual burners with 50 bin mean that big jobs may take longer than the 7 stacker and being a disc monkey.

The previous jobs have been between 2 and 100 duplicates, but i would like that number to increase.

Can anybody suggest an option or provide any experience in this matter.


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Re: Dilema in buying equipment
on Dec 6, 2005 at 9:47:05 pm

Here's my two cents worth:
I don't have experience with automatic printers or burners, but I have a 7 disk burner tower w/HDD and a single disk Epson R300 printer. The printing always proves to be the bottleneck, depending on the length of the project I can burn 7 disks in the time that it takes to print one. So if you can, invest in some kind of automation, but I would definitely spend some time with the equipment to see what the quirks are before I'd leave it unattended. Duplicating seems fast, printing slow.

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