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Very Long Email- Business model for sizing the archive footage market

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Very Long Email- Business model for sizing the archive footage market
on Nov 9, 2005 at 6:18:17 pm

Hi guys,

My apologies for the very long email, but I hope to contribute some information and data as well. Hopefully this will also help some people here to approach the market better with their businesses. I will also paste the results of what I find on this site.

I understand that I might be required to clarify my definitions/assumptions and will do if needed. Here goes.

I am researching the size of the film and video archive market (companies that archive film/video and sell to whoever may want that video/film/footage) in terms of revenues generated by this sector, which are the larger archives in the business and so on

First, what I have learnt. I have segmented the market(by customer category) three ways:

(1) Editorial (Estimated Market Size ~ $ 130-140 million per year)
- Factual/Documentary: I.e. clients who are Factual and Documentary makers (E.g National Geographic, History Channel, any and all factual/documentary program producers, etc). An example of this would be say Nat Geo buying footage from ABC News Videosource, which is the ABC archive
- Movies/Entertainment: I.e. Clients who are cater to Movies and entertainment on TV (E.g. 20th Century Fox). An example of this would be 20th Century buying stock shots from BBC Archives for

(2) Corporate (Estimated Market Size ~ $ 160-170 million per year)
- Corporate/Advertising: Clients who make the use of archives for promoting a product(e.g General Motors or Ogilvy & Mather buying clips from Getty or Corbis)
- Corporate In House: Clients who buy footage from archives for internal presentations, trade shows etc (E.g General Motors buying archives from NBC Archives for a trade show)

(3) Other (Estimated Market Size ~ $ 10 million per year
- Education/Universities: E.g a university or school board buying footage for educational purpose
- Retail: By this I mean individuals who buy film from archives for their own purpose

My questions are:
- Can anyone help me flesh out the consumer segmentation, i.e. add more to the client categories? For example, if there are more of clients who can be treated as a category or subcategory it would be great to know.

- I am struggling with the definition of Corporate/advertising clients especially. I am sure there must be sub categories of types but am not sure what this is

- I would love to know more about the retail market- for example, who are these individual consumers of footage (as opposed to companies)? Does anyone know what they use the footage for?

- Which are the big/leading archives that cater to corporations and advertising companies? I know of Getty, Corbis and Artbeats

- I know fo archives that cater to editorial/factual film makers ( CBS Archive/Nat Geo/BBc etc) and archives that cater to corporates/advertising companies (Getty, Corbis etc). Are there other types of archives that specialize to other types of clients?

- Which in your opinion, are the most successful archives that have come up in the past 4-5 years? Whats special about them?

- Also, suggestions on any online resources/industry resources/papers where I can explore more about archive business and marketing strategies would be great

As promised I will post the results of what I collate but that will depend on what information I can get



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