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How do I create silence every three seconds?

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Hannah SchlHow do I create silence every three seconds?
by on Jun 25, 2016 at 10:08:59 am

I have a sound file with a duration of 50 hours. Now I want to convert every third second into silence. (The total lenght of the file shall be maintained). I know that I can do this manually, but even if I use copy and paste it would take way too long.
Is there a way to select multiple section at the same time? Or could I create some kind of curve that controlls the volume based on values previously set?

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Simon BillingtonRe: How do I create silence every three seconds?
by on Jul 15, 2016 at 12:40:04 pm

If you want to do something that long and insert a silence in every 3 secs you're going to not do it by hand, that's for sure. You do need an automated process, thats for sure and I'm fairly certain thats what you were hinting at.

Unfortunately there is no way I know to do this in Audition. Logic however has a "Tremolo" plugin which you should be able to utilise to such an effect. Given this is Audition you can get yourself a cheap Tremolo VST plugin that allows you to achieve such an effect.

You need to be able to select a a time in seconds for it to cycle, you will need an asymmetrical looking square wave similar to the one in the main pane of the plugin in this pic. In Logic this was achieved by setting the Smoothing parameter to 0 and Symmetry up to around 80 or so.

The Depth and Mix (or Wet/Dry) if it has one you will want to set all the way up. Phase should be 0, and the Rate should either be 3 seconds or 0.33 Hz, which works out to be a 3 second period.

If you use the Tremolo in this manor it will drop audio every 3 secs for a short period. You then just need to render the VST and it will effect the entire duration of the audio.

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Simon BillingtonRe: How do I create silence every three seconds?
by on Jul 15, 2016 at 1:16:26 pm

All though there is this plugin here, which is more expensive and more complicated, but will offer all sorts of creative options for sound effects if you ever need it.

I took the liberty of reproducing the setting that you would need for 3 sec drop outs. However i think you would have to adjust the Rate for what works with you, the one above the Sequencer. I think it's defined by the Tempo of the project. I had to use around 4.0 in this case. I thought this was a bit odd and I certainly don't think the number represents seconds, more like beats. You can adjust it to what suits you.

If you do go this way, make sure you pull the Output down to stop it from clipping. The way this is set up is it boosts the signal as well to create enough difference between loud and quiet.

The Sequencer is what controls the actual drop out, so if you want a longer period of silence, pull down another fader. If you want a shorter period, pull one of them back up to the top.

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