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Relinking media , viewing file paths

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Matt OrfaleaRelinking media , viewing file paths
by on Sep 27, 2014 at 3:58:48 pm

1) In premiere you can right click a clip and select "reconnect" and you will be given the file path for where the media lives (or lived at some point). Can I do anything similar in Audition? I want to see the file path that is supposed to lead to the file to help me determine where it is.

2) When opening an audition proj, I'm given the option to link media. I want to do that but the first clip I cannot find. I'd like to continue to the other clips but there is no "skip" button like there is in premier...

Thanks in advance!


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Durin GleavesRe: Relinking media , viewing file paths
by on Oct 1, 2014 at 5:25:48 pm

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the questions - these are excellent suggestions, and I'll make sure the development team is aware of them.

The most straightforward method of finding out where Audition thinks an asset is supposed to be is by opening the .SESX file in a text editor. It's an XML format, so it's pretty readable. The file locations are near the bottom of the file, and you'll see both an absolute path (eg. C:\My Files\Media\MyFile.wav) and a path relative to where the session file was saved (eg. ..\..\Media\MyFile.wav)

One tip to minimize this problem would be to use File > Export > Session... and toggle "Save Copies of Associated Files." This will create a new folder on disk with your session file and create a copy of all media used so that Audition is not trying to locate it scattered around your hard drives or network shares.

Durin Gleaves
Adobe Audition

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Matt OrfaleaRe: Relinking media , viewing file paths
by on Oct 3, 2014 at 7:43:12 pm

I was able to use your method to find where the media lives. Thanks.

I relinked one by one...In all video programs I've ever worked with they're able to reconnect all the files in the folder without me selecting everyone one by one. Why not incorporate that into audition?

Turns out one of the files relinked is not the right one. How can I make that clip offline? How to reconnect the one clip to the proper file? (Again this is as simple as right clicking in most other apps.)

Thanks in advance!


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