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Keep Background Music, Get Rid of Voice and Noise

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China Sparrowess
Keep Background Music, Get Rid of Voice and Noise
on Jun 22, 2010 at 1:19:41 am


So I have a couple videos from movies that have some pretty decent background music, but there's dialogue and background noise in the way. I hear that Adobe Audition can take care of this dilemma that I have, but before I go and get the program, I'd like to figure out how this is so. Please tell me how I can keep the background music of a video without the background noise and voice.

Thanx in Advance,


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Steven Talley
Re: Keep Background Music, Get Rid of Voice and Noise
on Jun 23, 2010 at 2:00:11 pm

Removing vocals from within songs only works if the music is in stereo and the vocals are dead center or mono.
Check out this video and you don't need Audition to do it.

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Scot Sheely
Re: Keep Background Music, Get Rid of Voice and Noise
on Jun 28, 2010 at 8:57:19 pm


With great respect to Steven, perhaps I am reading your original post differently, but I am thinking that it is not a vocal performance that you wish to remove but rather actual BG noise. Is that correct?

If this is the case, then Audition does have a unique set of tools that have only recently started cropping up in other audio production suites.

The process involves finding a 'clean' noisy section of your audio (I realize that seems to be an oxymoronic statement, LoL!), then selecting that specific area and 'sampling' it using Audition's CAPTURE NOISE PROFILE tool. Once you have defined that noise (people speaking for example, often referred to as 'walla'), then you can highlight the entire audio clip, or the areas most affected by the noise, and use Audition's NOISE REDUCTION filters.

You can remove individual clicks and pops or use the previous sample as the basis for the noise reduction.

Its rather pointless to go into the specifics if you don't even own the program, however, for your own edification, I wrote a great tutorial on this noise removal process a couple of years ago and posted it on the Digital Juice forum. It can be found here:

I give a fairly comprehensive look at what the entire process looks like. Also, there are other tools that can be utilized, such as the spectral wave analysis view, to remove noise found in certain bandwidth regions.

All of these techniques are still far from perfect and require practice to master them. There still is no 'magic bullet' panacea tool that will fix audio for you automatically, although Audition's still comes the closest of all so far IMHO.

Good luck! And FYI, Steven is right that Audacity is a GREAT free program. Download it and play around with it for a while, it may do all that you are needing for most of your audio scrubbing tasks.

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