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Audition 3 suddenly skipping, using 80-100% CPU

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James CrumpAudition 3 suddenly skipping, using 80-100% CPU
by on Feb 18, 2009 at 12:38:22 am


I've been using Audition 3 for about a year now with great success. My machine is a Compaq EVO510SFF w/ a 2G Pentium 4 & 1.5G of RAM, running XP Pro. The system is set up ACPI and although I've read that setting it up Standard PC might help, I've never had a single issue with A3 until now, and I'm mystified as to why this could suddenly be occuring. I really don't want to attempt to change to Standard PC, as I've read too much about the drawbacks, and this is currently my only machine. I'm a guitarist, and I do a lot of multitrack recording. I've always had to bounce any effects-heavy track and disable effects on that track, before recording any other track with effects. I've taken this in stride as a limitation of my machine. I could playback as many tracks as I wanted, included imported MP3's, WAV's etc... while recording another track with effects... all with no issues. Lately and suddenly, however, importing a single audio file with no overlaid effects while playing or recording on a track with any effects causes the imported file (and A3 in general, you can see it as well as hear it) to skip and stutter, sometimes for several seconds at a time. My machine is defragged on a regular basis, optimized for audio, CPU and RAM check out ok, no antivirus autostart or infection, all non-critical processes and services are routinely disabled and no change has been made to the machine at all...either before or after the problem started. I input and output (headphones) through an M-Audio JamLab, use GR3 as my amp modeler, and until this started, have NEVER experienced ANY detrimental issue. My HD is small to begin with (40G), and there's a little over 20 free. I routinely remove old .ses and wav's and archive (to flash or DVD) when I'm done due to the limited space. Any files I import are directly from my HD. Also, opening task mgr, I found that A3 is using 85 to 100 percent of my CPU all of a sudden, whereas before it would hover between 25 and 40, depending on what I was doing. The CPU usage is obviously (I guess) my problem, but why would A3 all of a sudden eat up the entire CPU? It skips and dominates the CPU now when I'm doing much less intensive tasks (ex. one MP3 or WAV playing on a track while I'm playing or recording on another in my standard -always used- main guitar recording configuration) and never did before. Before this started, I could do much more with no issue. I literally turned off my machine 3 nights ago, after a succesful session, turned it on the next day to begin work on the SAME session, & the problem started. I was reading KB troubleshooting articles a few minutes ago, and they suggested to increase my page file to: inital 1.5 times installed RAM, and maximum twice initial. I've done this and restarted with no change. This is in direct contrast to every audio optimization rule I've read (all I've read say REDUCE amount of page file to optimize, but doing either makes no difference with this issue). Thanks for your replies, as I'm dead in the water here.

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Steven TalleyRe: Audition 3 suddenly skipping, using 80-100% CPU
by on Feb 21, 2009 at 3:14:07 pm

Check the processes in the Windows Task Manager for hog's running in the background.

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Steven EverettRe: Audition 3 suddenly skipping, using 80-100% CPU
by on Mar 3, 2009 at 6:00:55 pm

I too had this problem MYSTERIOUSLY began happening to me!

I don't know whats going on...

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James CrumpRe: Audition 3 suddenly skipping, using 80-100% CPU
by on Mar 3, 2009 at 6:15:19 pm

When NOTHING I got as suggestions on many posts worked, I uninstalled / reinstalled A3 & then installed the Adobe program update & although not perfect, it's dropped cpu usage to a max of about 73%...and that's with Guitar Rig 3 runnung as a plug-in.

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