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Reverb Removal

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Thad CiechanowskiReverb Removal
by on Oct 12, 2008 at 6:05:59 pm


I need to remove some slight reverb from some audio that was recorded in a bathroom with a Seinheiser shotgun mic. This is video.

I'm OK with a little bit of reverb, but I'd like to back it off just a bit. I'm a video editor/motion graphics guy with very basic understanding of sound editing. Any suggestions?

I'm using Audition 1.0


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Steven TalleyRe: Reverb Removal
by on Oct 12, 2008 at 11:59:14 pm

You don't say what the recording was of, speaking, guitar playing or what.

So I just did some testing with a speaking voice with lots of reverb and found that if the recording has naked reverb noise that can be captured as a noise floor (1 second is plenty) then using the noise reduction filter to remove the ambient noise does remove a fair amount of the reverberation.
I was pleasantly surprised with this discovery and hope it works for you.
If you cant capture the noise alone, try capturing from another source file with plenty of room noise or reverb.
Good Luck

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Thad CiechanowskiRe: Reverb Removal
by on Oct 13, 2008 at 2:44:21 pm


Thanks for the tip. The audio was a voice. The video is a man standing in a bathroom talking. Although some echo is justified since you see him, I just wanted to reduce it a little. Sorry I wasn't more specific. I'll try that later on, thanks again.


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Troy WittRe: Reverb Removal
by on Feb 10, 2009 at 7:26:59 pm

I had this same problem with a job we shot via shotgun in a large, live ballroom. One of my guys suggested trying the Cedar DNS1000. We rented it from Bexel for about $100/day and it worked fabulously! I even tried it on some music and it killed ALL of the reverb. The only trick with it is that you need to run live sound into/out of it, it's not a plug-in... and it requires digital in/out, not analog. But we just borrowed a digital mixing board to do A/D & D/A conversion and it went great. Good luck!

Troy Witt, President
Take One Productions, Inc. video production & webcasting

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