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Adobe Audition and the lack of detail for cassette LP ....

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MeridiousAdobe Audition and the lack of detail for cassette LP ....
by on Sep 13, 2007 at 11:18:03 pm


I have the 397-page manual. I have read various tutorials online regarding the recording of cassettes with Audition.

ALL refer to very simple click and switch recording straight to the sound card from the cassette player.

None get into detail about connecting through a mixer, or details about the sound settings. (for instance, it says to set the sound using the Windows Sound properties in Windows) but nothing more.

I have been recording cassettes and LPs through my trusty hardware/mixer, and through a free software program for many months now...and wanted to step up to a better program, such as Audition...but there is literally 3 pages referring to recording using the input, such as with a cassette, and nothing with regard to the detailed settings....and nothing with regard to recording through a mixer....between the cassette/LP and the sound card.

The manual regarding the recording of this type is very vague. The tutorials I have found online ignore ANYthing more than "plug it in and push record and push stop when finished."

I am exaggerating a bit, of course, but only to show frustration. The freeware software I have been using for these past months has better and more detailed instructions on a 45 page manual. That erks me.

C'mon. The recording of LPs and Cassettes is growing exponentially. More attention needs to be placed on this when developing your software documentation. Personally, I don't want to pay so much for software, to find a bible-sized manual that uses 3 pages on the area of recording cassettes/LPs, etc, and nothing at all on the use of ANY hardware in between the Sound card and the player.

When recording with a NON-USB LP player, you MUST use a mixer, and cannot hook directly to the sound card, and yet Audition ignores any of this completely.


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EmmettRe: Adobe Audition and the lack of detail for cassette LP ....
by on Sep 14, 2007 at 6:52:46 am

Anything hardware related is going to be just that...Hardware. And hardware varies hugely. Most people transferring vinyl would use a phono preamp, not a basic mixer. Audition is a professional piece of software designed to be used with professional hardware. These types of questions should be covered in your hardware manual. There are simply too many variables for Adobe to begin making assumptions. For input to the PC alone, there can be inputs for TRS, TS, miniplug, XLR, USB, RCA, firewire, AES EBU, BNC, MIDI, S/Pdif and ethernet. For cards with included A/D, the analog ins can be +4dBu or -10dBv. Cards can be stereo or multichannel. Conversion can be internal or external. The possibilities are endless...And that's just the PC input. Then there's the rest of the chain. The setup of a $70,000 chain is vastly different from that of a $300 chain.

Perhaps we can answer some of your specific questions. If you're simply looking for the best path for LP transfers, you'll lead the table through an RIAA phono preamp into a high quality converter or interface. You're absolutely right...It's not as simple as plugging into the soundcard. Likewise, it's impossible to offer advice without hearing the details of your setup and what, specifically, you are trying to accomplish.


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Blast1Re: Adobe Audition and the lack of detail for cassette LP ....
by on Sep 14, 2007 at 8:05:50 pm

[Meridious] "I have been recording cassettes and LPs through my trusty hardware/mixer"
I have never heard of the trusty brand, Likes been mentioned you should describe your setup and signal flow in detail, like what ports you are using, where you are trying to control your levels, are you using a USB mixer? firewire mixer? or just a analog mixer and your sound card?

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