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aplusjimagesZero Crossing Help
by on Aug 29, 2007 at 6:23:52 pm

I'm creating a piece of audio that will loop. The company I'm sending it to says I need to make sure I have the audio set to zero crossing to prevent any popping or other noise.

How do I set the audio to zero crossing properly? At the beginning of the clip do I do an outward or inward? What do I do for the end of the clip? Do I have to highlight just the piece of the clip I need to zero cross?

I thought I did it, but they sent it back saying I did it wrong. Any help is appreciated. I'm using Audition 1.5.

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Willie TothRe: Zero Crossing Help
by on Aug 30, 2007 at 1:07:56 pm

I am not really sure I understanding your terminology when you say "outward or inward" but I am thinking you talking about "fade in and fade out" and I believe that "zero crossing" sounds like they are looking to set a limit on the wave so it doesn't peak ... I like to use hard limit but if the file is hot already then I will normalize, I like to use -.1 ... On your fade in and outs just highlight a small portion usually less than 1 sec. On the beginning do a fade in and on the end do a fade out ... Hope this helps ... If I didn't answer your question then it might be suggested to ask your client exactly what they are refering to .... WILLIE

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aplusjimagesRe: Zero Crossing Help
by on Aug 30, 2007 at 1:22:27 pm

The inward and outward are the options given by Audition when I go to the zero-crossing option on the Edit menu. I'm not sure what they do and where I use them. The popping apparently is a result of not having my zero crossing set properly. I asked the client to send me some additional info, but I thought I would ask here as well.

Does anyone know how to properly set your zero-crossing in Audition 1.5?

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willie tothRe: Zero Crossing Help
by on Aug 30, 2007 at 10:35:16 pm

Sorry that I misinterpeted what you were asking in all the years I have been using this program I haven't had the need to loop anything ... I went to the help file ...

C:Program FilesAdobeAudition 1.5helpen_UShtmlhelp.html

Basically they want a smooth transition as the wave loops ... I pulled this from the help file ...

Auto Zero-Cross Edits

Automatically adjusts the beginning and end points of all Cut, Copy, and Paste-type edits to the nearest place where the waveform crosses the center line (zero amplitude point).

If the amplitudes aren't lined up on both sides of the selection, the endpoints are at different amplitudes. This often results in an audible pop or click at that point.

Smooth Auto-Scrolling During Playback

Enables smooth scrolling when playing back audio in Multitrack View. By default Adobe Audition uses a paging method of scrolling in Multitrack View instead of the smooth scrolling technique used in Edit View. This saves on system resource

I hope it helps, you may want to review the whole section, (which isn't much by the way) on zero crossing but it sounds like the auto function may be your ticket .... WILLIE

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