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lowering crowd talk

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dpdenverlowering crowd talk
by on Jun 13, 2007 at 3:20:48 am

I shot video at a campfire of some musicans using a shotgun (Panasonic MC100) coming into a DVC80 and 30 camera. Not bad capture of the guitars and singing - but often background talking came in and I want to lessen it if I can.

I tried noise reduction - and I am new to audition - but seemed tinny on the music.

Can someone suggest the best method for trying to cut some of the crowd talk - and the best method for sweetinging afterwards ?

At the end I have been normalizing at -4 - and then trying to sweeten using another filter in my editing program. Is there an order to getting to your final audio - and should I be compressing ?


Here is a link to some of the audio -

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willie tothRe: lowering crowd talk
by on Jun 13, 2007 at 4:06:53 am

Background crowd noise can be hard because it spans the same frequencies you want to keep ... As far as I can hear it isn't that bad, the clicking drives me more nuts than that but that can be taken out using the single click removal tool in spectral view ... You may be able to get some of the background noise out in spectral mode also ... If you have a place in your recording that just is background try this ... Highlight just the noise then go into the noise removal filter and capture then OK ... Now go back and highlight the whole audio clip open the noise removal filter again click on preview and experiment with how much you want to remove, I would start with about 50% or back it off just before the music starts getting ugly ... From there open the filters and use the parametric ... I would take a bit of midrange out but you may want to experiment and see what sounds good to your ears but make sure your system has bass and treble on zero or flat ... Next I would use the hard limit filter with the max limit set to -1db and boost to 6db ... You want to preview to make sure it isn't too hot ... Remember be careful with adding or subtracking mid lows or highs since the average stereo speaker doesn't have the flat responce that is needed for proper eq ... Most of the time use the "Less is more" concept and all will be good ... Your hard limit will fatten things up and give it some dynamic's .......... WILLIE

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dpdenverRe: lowering crowd talk
by on Jun 13, 2007 at 12:58:48 pm

Thanks - I will try that (if I can figure it out -but I think I can). I did try the noise reduction - but lack of knowledge and use of audition didn't help - so thanks for the detail.

The clicking noise is the fire crackling...... I didn't notice it as much cause I knew what it was - but good point.

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dpdenverRe: lowering crowd talk
by on Jun 22, 2007 at 4:11:55 pm

Another question.....

I have read several postings on the audio process - and I basically have gone through the clips as follows:
1. Restoration for Clicks, Hiss, and Noise Reduction
2. parametric EQ for a bit of richness
3. Hard Limiter (instead of normalizing)

The hard limiter seems to bring up everything x db's and limits peaks.

Now my question is I have used a filter before (different program) called leveler - and it seems to bring up the quiet parts to the same level as the louder parts. That seems different than the hard limiter - is there a similar filter such as the leveler that I used with my other program ?

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