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Audition better than I expected

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brianpaAudition better than I expected
by on Apr 4, 2007 at 1:16:00 am

I've been messing around with A2.0 for a few days now and WOW, this is a really powerful program!
I was using the pitch correction and it really works great.
Two questions:
How do the effects stack up against pricey 3rd party plugins?
Why aren't more people using it?

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willie tothRe: Audition better than I expected
by on Apr 4, 2007 at 11:06:28 am

Audition has had an interesting history and the first releases of the program, (Cool Edit 1.0) had a few difficulties but was still a solid program ... At that time ADAT was king and computers hadn't even reached that magic 500Gig threshold yet ... Protools were finding their way into the studio's along with Cool Edit but for some reason the industry decided that it wasn't a good program, I am thinking because of the shortcomings the program had at the time, then came 1.2A and in my opinion CE had arrived but too late for the industry Protools was firmly in place in the studio's ... I have been a fan since 1.0 and will most likely always use it ... Adobe purchased it about 2 or so years ago and released it as Audition ... 3rd party plugin's work great with Audition ... Right now 1.5 is the best and most reliable but 3.0 is due out soon ... Adobe has worked hard on correcting all the issues and with luck it will be as solid as 1.5 ... Audition VS everything else out there is one of the most user friendly recording software's on the market ... WILLIE

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EmmettRe: Audition better than I expected
by on Apr 10, 2007 at 4:59:38 am

Many of the Audition algorithms are equal to third-party plugs. The Waves L1 and L2, for instance, use an identical algorithm to Audition's hard-limiter. There are some goodies out there worth buying, though. To expand, not replace the available effects.

Audition doesn't offer MIDI, which is a need of many musicians. It also has roots as Cool Edit 96, which was basically a toy. LOTS of people do use Audition, however. It is a standard in the radio industry.


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xgfmediaRe: Audition better than I expected
by on Apr 25, 2007 at 1:22:00 pm

I've been recording/mastering/remixing tracks with CEP/Audition
since the (much missed) days, circa 2000. 7 years on,
after learning Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and HD production, Audition
is still the first tool of choice, especially now that midi isn't
as important anymore.

Us CEP diehards were worried that the user support Syntrillium
forums provided would be a big loss when Adobe bought their product,
but places like CC more than make up for it.

Logic is more than a match for Audition, but it does possess a rather
love-it-or-hate-it user interfce. Pro Tools will be de riguer in pro
post-production studios for a long time, though.


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brianpaRe: Audition Midi
by on Apr 29, 2007 at 10:28:01 pm

What did you mean when you said that "midi wasn't important anymore?"

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xgfmediaRe: Audition Midi
by on May 10, 2007 at 3:05:37 pm

I said 'midi isn't as important anymore'. It isn't as important
anymore because one of the reasons - one of the big reasons -
musicians (inc. myself) would daisychain midi devices together
was because we couldn't afford hardware which would allow is to
record mostly in .WAV - but then, towards the end of the 90s,
prices started tumbling and things began to change. MIDI is still
a great way to record/perform, but a pain in the arse when it
goes inexplicably wrong. Although, I bet the musos who've sworn
an oath to their beloved Atari STs, will be using them until the
cows come home, bless 'em. :)


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