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Humming noise coming from a lamp

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armogadan23Humming noise coming from a lamp
by on Jan 29, 2007 at 12:55:26 am

Hey there. I recently taped a bar-mitzvah recital in the empty synagogue. There was a lamp fixture situated beside the lecturne, where the boy was reading the Torah. I couldn't notice any interference from the lamp, while I was videoshooting it, but when I came home, captured it, and played it through my amplifier, I could clearly hear a faint humming sound coming from it.
I tried using the 60 hz hum notch filter and kill the 60 hz ground loop filter in Audition with no success.
Is there anyway to kill this background noise?

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willie tothRe: Humming noise coming from a lamp
by on Jan 29, 2007 at 2:01:25 pm

Bring the clip into the edit side and highlight a small section of JUST NOISE then go to EFFECTS > NOISE REDUCTION > NOISE REDUCTION > CAPTURE PROFILE > OK ... Now highlight the whole clip and go back to the noise reduction filter, use the PREVEIW and BYPASS to check your settings and then OK ... The worst thing about the noise is like a dripping faucet at night you will be hyper sensitive to it but use extreme CAUTION to not over do it ... Start at about 60% and work up from there clicking the BYPASS off and on till you get enough of the noise out so it's not distracting but doesn't affect the voice if you take too much the voice can get really ugly ... If you need more help ;et me know .......... WILLIE

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diggumRe: Humming noise coming from a lamp
by on Jan 30, 2007 at 7:16:14 pm

Willie's suggestion should solve the problem very well. If you find that it's still an annoyance, you can change to Spectral View which should show the humming noise as a bright, horizontal band across the file. Use the Marquee tool to select this region and then either delete it, or reduce it's volume.

You might want to download the Public Beta of Adobe Soundbooth from as well. There are new tools that make these tasks much simpler such as a horizontal I-Beam selection tool, and automated noise reduction tools. Our next public beta will include more comprehensive Noise reduction, more in line with the power found in Audition's tools.

Good luck!
Durin Gleaves
Adobe Audition

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Charlie BRe: Humming noise coming from a lamp
by on Apr 27, 2007 at 7:24:24 pm

I think you can knock much of it out.

Try a couple things: 1. Noise Reduction. I've found it to be a handy tool. Right click on a highlighted area of just the noise (no voice or other sounds) and click on "Capture Noise Reduction Profile" Once you go into your Effects menu and into the noise reduction dialog box, you can tweak just how much is eliminated.

2. You can do this manually. Since it's giving you fits, go into your effects menu and open graphic equalizer. Click the tab on the EQ that says 30 band. Then, just play the audio and fiddle with each band and see if you can tweak the noise away.

One last option is go into "Spectral" view. This view shows you tone rather than amplitude. Highlight and remove, reduce, etc, an area of the wave form. Once you identify it, you can "see" the tone you need to remove. Highlight it and cut it out.

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