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alwaysveryloudAudition TEMPO Tracks
by on Oct 3, 2006 at 5:29:11 pm


Not that new to the software but still in a bind. I would like world peace, unlimited supply of of KIT-KATs and somehow would like to figure out how do i set a tempo track in audition which i can actually bounce to the final mix. Just lLike pro-tools where i can select a track and have an aux in as a click track. Then i can include or exclude that in my final output.

Would appreciate any help in this matter - is it even possible?

:) f

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willie tothRe: Audition TEMPO Tracks
by on Oct 3, 2006 at 6:25:00 pm

Personally I always use a drum machine, but it seems that you should be able to use the internal to mixdown with ... When I get home this afternoon I will look into and let you know what I find out ... WILLIE

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alwaysveryloudRe: Audition TEMPO Tracks
by on Oct 3, 2006 at 6:59:38 pm

Thanks Willie, my boss is off today so i will spend the rest of the day figuring this out. *lol* I will anxiously wait your pro opinion.

Question though, and this might be a real stupid question - when you use a drum machine to lets say just record a click track in, and then obviously you set your tempo settings in audition to whatever you want it to be, how do you synch the drum machine with audition so that they both start at 0 counter. I dont have an external hardware but i do have a tascam us-122 with midi. Is there a solution in that end.

The ultimate goal is to have every thing in a proper click track with the right clicks and frames so i can export all files from 0 counter and take them to pro tools in the studio.

This way i can cut down a lot of $ in pre production as i can do all that at home and then when i rent studio time i can be more focused on the next step.


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willie tothRe: Audition TEMPO Tracks
by on Oct 3, 2006 at 11:48:22 pm

This was the first time, (if you can believe that) that I ventured into the realm of Auditions click track and I must say it kind of sucks I mean like a big wind tunnel kind of sucking so my first question is why would you even want to mix this down into your music ... I have always used a drum machine and it really helps to hear the kick, and snare when you are recording ... I set my tempo up using the drum machine and as far as matching different beats it's just a matter of expanding the wave and manually matching the down beat for example say we are doing 4/4 time I would match the first beat of the measure ... You can do things like say your tempo is 120 bpm you can add tracks that are 60 bpm ... When you expand your wave you will see that every drum has it's own waveform making it simple to match things up ... Oh, to answer your question, no the click track won't mixdown unless you can run the output of your soundcard into an input and record it as you would any other instrument ... If you are using a mixing board this is quite simple to do ... I hope this helps ... I can't suggest strongly enough how beneficial a drum machine can be even if it's not super it's still better than Auditions click tracks ........ WILLIE

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