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tropx88loading audio
by on Sep 29, 2006 at 7:06:53 am

Hi, I've searched this forum but can't find any info. When I load audio from files in Audition pro2 (selecting all tracks at once, not one at a time)It loads backwards, in other words, if there was 12 tracks, track 12 will load first, and track 1 will load last, and the track numbers on the left sidebar will randomly change to numbers that don't match the track order. Has anybody else had this problem, and is there a cure? There are several other screwy things going on with AApro2, but this one drives me crazy.

Steve D

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willie tothRe: loading audio
by on Sep 29, 2006 at 2:52:11 pm

Try loading a track at a time it may take you 30 seconds longer but you won't feel the self imposed frustration that you are feeling now ... I do know that when you save audio files once you get to track 10 it stores new tracks before track 1 Why, who knows ... Audio isn't click, point, and shoot like other programs so slow down and take the time to do things right and your audio will be much better for it ... WILLIE

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tropx88Re: loading audio
by on Sep 30, 2006 at 8:04:43 am

Thanks for the reply, but loading a track at a time just isn't acceptable, especially when working with 20 or 30 tracks, while the client is sitting in the room paying by the hour. Loading tracks backwards has been a problem since cool edit pro day's, but all you had to do is click the highest numbered track first > shift > click track one and it loaded fine (in perfect order). Audition 2 just makes a big scrambled mess of it. Anyway, what I wanted to know, is, has anybody else had this problem with AApro2, and if yes, is there a fix or is it a known bug?

Thanks Steve D

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willie tothRe: loading audio
by on Sep 30, 2006 at 4:22:42 pm


2.0 has issues and I personally refuse to use it ... If you remember when Cool Edit 2.0 came out it had issues but at least syntrillium got right to work to fix the bugs, but I guess Adobe doesn't feel the same way ... At first I thought it might be a good thing that Adobe purchased cool edit but in retrospect I am not too sure ... If you find a resolution please let us know ... Let's hope that they resolve the issues soon without having to purchase an upgrade but I don't think that will happen ....... Willie

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