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Multi-track setup w/ firepod

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deathbyjuneMulti-track setup w/ firepod
by on Mar 28, 2006 at 10:48:20 pm

hi. i've been using audition for a couple months now to record quick demos and practices with my band. we run the drums and guitars into a mixer and that goes to a simple usb stereo sound card. of course now, we only record one track at a time (drums and guitars combined). i am aware that i can overdub another track ontop of this...that isnt the problem.

i recently purchased the Presonus Firepod, which is a firewire recording interface. from what i undertstand the firewire is capable of keeping the channels segregated. a guy i met uses the firepod with Sonar and he is able to assign each track in Sonar to a channel from the firepod.

***i'd like to have track 1 in audition recording the bass drum, track 2 recording the snare...and so on.
and then add guitars/bass/other in post.

can this be achieved through audition 1.5 (which is what i run) or audition 2.0?

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willie tothRe: Multi-track setup w/ firepod
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 1:03:45 am

Not a problem ... At the left side of the track there is an "IN" button, just press it and you will get a list of inputs, just assign what channel you want to record on what track ... WILLIE

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deathbyjuneRe: Multi-track setup w/ firepod
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 1:17:05 am

thanks a bunch willie. i see what you mean.

i actually just realized something else that may pose a problem. so i'll just get it out now.
sadly i'm not hooked up to the firepod at the moment but, i remember the devices were showing as firepod 1/2, firepod 2/3, firepod 3/4..and so on.
i assume this means each track will take the signal from channels on and two on the firepod. and the next will take three and four.

do you know how i would go about seperating them into individual signals on the device setup.
or do you think it has something to do with the firepod drivers or the setup of the firepod..

thanks a lot man. you guys are so helpful.

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willie tothRe: Multi-track setup w/ firepod
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 12:25:05 pm

Just use the panning, for eample pan track one full left, track 2 full right track 3 full left and so on .......... WILLIE

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willie tothRe: Multi-track setup w/ firepod
by on Mar 29, 2006 at 3:38:32 pm

OK, forget my last post ... Drums can be a hard nut to crack cuz most people don't have a large enough room to record them properly ... On the inputs use mono channels panned center ... Bleed through is going to be your biggest problem ... When I record a drum kit I do a couple of things that seem to really help since my studio is so small ... I have the drummer remove the bottom heads from the toms and the front head from the kick unless there is already a hole in the head of the kick, this way I can mic it just inside of the drums helping cut down bleed through ... Now here is a trick that I use that seems to really help ... I record the drums the first time without the overheads on, then I mute the snaire with a 3" foam pad, mute the rest of the mic and turn the overheads on ... I have the drummer play it again without using the rest of the drums other than the muted snaire to help keep him in time and record just the overheads ... I get a really nice seperation this way ... I find a small diaphram mic works best on the snaire and cymbals while a larger diaphram works best on the toms and kick ... I have also found that a dynamic mic works best on the toms and kick ... This method works for me but you may have to vary things for your setup I also use an 8 channel compressor limiter, sparingly, but it does help ... WILLIE

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