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BpeteFLATotal Training
by on Feb 1, 2006 at 3:18:55 pm

I'm thinking about getting Total Training, but the description of it seems to be more about making music than working with voice tracks. Anyone here seen it and can advise?

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willie tothRe: Total Training
by on Feb 1, 2006 at 4:17:49 pm

Audio is audio and the total training teaches you how to use all aspects of the program ... That being said if you are just editing voice you may not want to purchase the total training video ... The program is pretty user friendly ... Are you planing multi tracks or just one track editing? If it were me I would just go into it get my feet wet and if I had a problem that I couldn't find a solution for we are always here for you ... If you were going to be editing full on music sessions I would certainly suggest that you purchase it ............. WILLIE

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BpeteFLARe: Total Training
by on Feb 5, 2006 at 5:34:11 pm

Thanks for the advice. Since last post my moccasins are getting a bit soggy. I'm doing OK mostly and just finished a 9 min piece. Went pretty well but painfully slow it seemed to get it sounding just so.

A couple of things that would help if you please would be a good solid hint on "settings" for sec., buffer and the rest of the settings. The best (only) info I've found to date is:
Options>Settings>System: 1 sec, 8 buffers, Min. Preview 250ms (default)
Wave Cache: 32768

However this guy was running a PIII (from a 2003 thread)

I'm having trouble playing back in Multitrack with video. The video lags and becomes jerky, occasionally the audio stutters near the end of a piece. And most distressing is the disappearing Audition ... several times "poof" it's gone. Usually while playing back. I'm running Audition on a P4 with 1gig of R ram, 7200 drives etc. Program drive is defragged and nothing else running.

Other than that I'm muddling through, albeit slowly. Maybe I'm overdoing ... here's a generalized (usually unanswerable) question, how long would you usually spend on cleaning up and EQing talking heads in semi-controlled office settings sound environment. We've 30 of these to go, at my rate it'll take a month. Maybe I need to go knee deep in the pool?

Thanks for the insight,

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willie tothRe: Total Training
by on Feb 5, 2006 at 5:52:33 pm


Your moccasins may get a bit wetter ... I always use the program defaults other than setting my reseve for my temp files higher, I will usually set them to 1 gig ... I am runng an AMD XP 3200+ and haven't had any problems with running the video in the multi track view ... As far as edit time goes like sanity it's a relative term ... I have spent hours on 3 minutes worth of audio only to junk it in the end ... I think you need to work on it till you are happy with the sound no matter the time, when it comes to audio in my opinion the phrase "that's good enough" doesn't apply ... You can have video footage that may have a problem or two but when it comes to audio if it aint right it's like fingernails on a chaulkboard or maybe I'm just too anal retentive for my own good ... Make it right grasshopper and the world will love you for it .......... WILLIE

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