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successful horrible audio recording

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Chad Treanorsuccessful horrible audio recording
by on Apr 4, 2005 at 7:49:21 pm

So ive finally actually been able to record some sound into my pc with audition. Ive had Audition for more than 8 months and Im quite furious that I havent used it as much as i could be. Im using a dell desktop pc, soundblaster sound card which also has the frontside bus with a mic and headphone jack and a wireless handheld mic with a few adapters. (the wireless mic has an xlr output and i adapted it down to 1/8" so it could go straight into audition.

The problem im running into is that im getting some sound into my computer..but it sounds horrible. The sound is very faint, crackly and overall, not like audio at all. Im thinking that I'm running into issues with the sound card's mixer...The mixer has one of those prosumer +1db boost check boxes that is an option but doesnt actually give me good sound...It just gets the audio to reach an audible level....Crackly and awful, but audible...I think overall it might be different if i just had an SM58 w/ and XLR to 1/4" adapted down to 1/8" would get me better audio...

Only problem is that i still tried that with my camera mic from my Sony PDX10...(condensor mic i know) but i thought that if that was just adapted straight to the computer that i would at least be able to record a VO standing 8" from my computer...Alas that didnt work either...

Desiring good audio production method,
Chad Treanor

....WILLIE, IF YOUR OUT THERE.....i think we all appreciate all your help-so thanks again

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willie tothRe: successful horrible audio recording
by on Apr 5, 2005 at 1:49:38 am


Willie here,Email me a sample clip ... I am thinkin it may be your wireless but not sure ... In any recording you should have a mic that is hard wired and not wireless ... Email clip to and lets see if we can't fix the problem ...

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fll-freakRe: successful horrible audio recording
by on Apr 6, 2005 at 1:59:07 pm

I have never had good luck with audio cards in PCs. Even more so in laptops. Noise from the electronics always seems to be present in the recordings. Often what I hear is the electronic noise caused by the hardisk heads. I solved my problems by purchasing an Edirol UA-25. I now have crystal clear recordings at up to 96kHz. Device has 2 XLR inputs and provides phantom power. It connects to your system via USB. Other models exist that have different options including Firefire.

-Skye Sweeney
FLL Freak Productions

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vitaminmanRe: successful horrible audio recording
by on Apr 9, 2005 at 1:39:58 am


Your mic probably is outputting a mic-level signal, which unfortunately not terribly loud and will require some sort of amplification to get it where you want it. As you've discovered the mic input with the +20dB boost not only boosts the signal but also the noise level generated by the card.

If you can, you should invest in some sort of dedicated mic pre-amp, either as a standalone unit or something build into a nice mixer. These will boost the signal of the mic to line-level without nearly as much noise as the mic input of the SBLive. You can find pre-amps in the $50-$100 range, and there are some mixers with XLR inputs in the $200-$300 range that will give you the ability to mix other sources and eq as well.

Until then, you could sample some of the mic's noise by hitting alt+n, then use that sample as a base for the noise reduction effect (Effects>Noise Reduction>Noise Reduction), it will help clean up your sound.

Take care


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