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Feedback on our video production landing page?

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Michael Pirone
Feedback on our video production landing page?
on Nov 19, 2019 at 1:07:07 am

Hi! We're a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Just produced a new landing page, and would love any feedback on how this all looks to you guys:


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Bret Williams
Re: Feedback on our video production landing page?
on Nov 19, 2019 at 2:18:53 am

Nice work. I'm curious as to what tech, theme, page builder you used.

Some notes... on mobile, the slide out menu seemed like really big font. And why were the links underlined on the mobile menu? It's not 1998 anymore. ☺

On smallest mobile setting (I used Safari's responsive design mode) the phone number broke out of the box.

On mobile some of the centered text wasn't quite centered. Testimonials stuff farther down. My guess is due to columns that were originally horizontal now being vertical. You'll probably have to adjust some of the margins / padding on mobile to get those centered.

On full screen computer that menu. I don't know. It just kept getting in the way. And it wasn't jumping out at me that it was a menu. Like I'd go to another page, the menu would pop up due to something I did, and I didn't realize it was a menu it was so page like. Just an observation.

But damn your GTMetrix scores just kick ass. What's the secret? Other than it being a nearly 4 sec page (seemed snappy to me) everything was A+ across the board.

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David Goodwin
Re: Feedback on our video production landing page?
on Dec 6, 2019 at 9:36:25 am

Some thoughts from a non-expert so basically a casual user POV. Nice overall but some thoughts. This is going to be primarily critical as there's no point in feedback on things that worked fine so please don't be disheartened. It's good for the most part, just:

  • It's good that the number is immediately visible. Some sites really make you hunt to find a contact number.
  • The video overlapping the images in the first section at first glance feels like a layout error rather than a design choice. Something to indicate they are meant be 'cards' might help here

  • White text on pale orange, buttons, is a bit of a strain to see

  • The email subscription lightbox is a bit irritating though I'm aware this is a common feature on the web now. However, as a user being interrupted for something I am not interested in doing is akin to a pop-up advert

  • I like the animation you have for the button tiles under "Melbourne-based. Global reach." The vector animation ads are also really satisfying to watch. I've always liked animation.

  • The hit area for the menu dropdown is a bit long when the navigation isn't being interacted with so I find myself triggering it by accident as the hit area seems to be half the page vertically. Trying to copy the title for the next point I kept triggering it

  • I like the animation for the "Clarity is the new confidence."

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