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"Sharing" plugins for html5 video

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John Young"Sharing" plugins for html5 video
by on Jun 6, 2012 at 4:00:47 pm

We have created great HTML5 video player using the MediaElement.js plugin.

I would like to add a "Share" function to the videos so that people could embed the video, email the link, or post to social media. I have found some resources for other HTML5 players like Longtail Video,, but I don't know how to implement this into our current MediaElement.js way of doing things.
If anyone can provide some direction or point me to some resources that would help me, I would appreciate it.


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Curtis ThompsonRe: "Sharing" plugins for html5 video
by on Jun 6, 2012 at 5:22:58 pm


hmm - well...from the looks of it, the jw player plugin for sharing embeds that link in the flash player that they bundle with the thing, so to replicate that, you'd have to modify your flash player, which i don't think is an option...

but you could put share links underneath between the title and the close button. you could snag the embed code from jw player and then just modify it to use your video names/links and sizes (or you could grab it from any embed link, really). then you'd need to set up a more permanent page for the video for the link, or add functionality to the main video page that you have to trigger the floater for any given video upon request (if that makes sense) could then do your own little floater for those links like they do, but do it in html...

does that make sense?


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John YoungRe: "Sharing" plugins for html5 video
by on Jun 7, 2012 at 2:41:17 pm

Thanks Curtis.
I think it makes sense.
We already have a permanent page for each video that is generated by our Content Management System. So I don't think the the link or the embed code would be too difficult. I am just unsure of how to add the functionality to the Mediaelement.js plugin, so that we are able to create a button with those generated links. Does anyone have any experience modified these type of plugins?

Thanks for your help.

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Curtis ThompsonRe: "Sharing" plugins for html5 video
by on Jun 7, 2012 at 5:02:25 pm


to modify the plugin, you'd need to get the un-minified version of the source and go through it to find the proper locations for the change and then re-minimize the output that you'd changed. note that i'd bet that the license that the media element player is released under would mean that you'd have to make your changes available to the community as well (typically how open source code is licensed)...

in this case, you'd have to add your code to the output either above or below the video div area in the javascript class. that said, i don't think you need to modify that are using the lightbox plugin to make the video show in the little floating frame:

and that ultimately just puts the video page in that little frame - the original video page would be this:

now you of course know all of this, but what i'm proposing here is that you add the embed/share links to that page itself via html (so don't modify any plugins). because those pages are generated, you should be able to create the embed and share links using the content you already use to put the video player there to begin with (for both embed and share, all you really need is the video url and the w/h, the latter of which is probably fixed here anyway).

so then you can stylize the links to your heart's content and put them either above or below or whatever, and then they should be there for usage in the main lightbox floater win...


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