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Does google like .coms more than .nets

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Jay Fishback
Does google like .coms more than .nets
on Feb 17, 2012 at 10:44:56 pm

I dont think I need to explain to you how much of a newb I am. My title should exemplify that.

I am building a website for a friend, I have some experience with web design not a lot. I am using wordpress. Well I am doing a lot of SEO on his website, but google just doesn't want to read it. Even when i type in his web address into google, it still doesn't pop up. His website is a .net.... Could that have anything to do with it?


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Matt Geier
Re: Does google like .coms more than .nets
on Feb 17, 2012 at 11:29:44 pm

Hi Jay,

Google (as well as others) are very agnostic to the domain name - .com .net .org .us, etc....

Google in fact, is extremely keen to rank a site based on a lot of factors. Among them are, relevant content, regular and frequent content updates, external links, internal links, and more recently they are even ranking based on the Social Media engagement that websites are having. (Google +) is an example of this.

When did you start the project?
How long as the domain existed?
What SEO specifics are you doing for the overall ranking?

SEO work can take up to four weeks to become indexed on the web! And that's if you're doing it very often. (People should never stop optimizing....) If you only optimize every now and then, it will sometimes take longer because of the lack of "frequent updates"

Wordpress is a very nice SEO friendly CMS to use.
I rely on it for all of my own sites and I encourage it for the clients I work with as well!

What Wordpress Plugins are you using for SEO and Google?
Those will make a difference in effectiveness as well.

Are you utilizing the Google Webmaster tools in addition?

All of these things can help make the SEO work you're doing have better results if applied appropriately.

Matt G.
Creative Consultant
Social Media Consultant
Technical Consultant

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Jay Fishback
Re: Does google like .coms more than .nets
on Feb 20, 2012 at 7:56:53 pm

Thanks Matt,

Thats what I thought.

I started this project for him around a week ago.
The domain has been around for a couple of years to my knowledge. The person who built it before for him didn't do a whole lot. Just posted a couple of pictures online. So there was zero SEO.

He is a wedding/event DJ. So the specifics would be involving those statements along with area we live in. So his business name is I Do Entertainment for his wedding stuff and Noisy Head for his event stuff. Both SEO revolve around those.

I am not currently using any plugins. The theme I have has built in SEO fill in options. Pacifico is the theme name. Also what SEO plugins would you recommend?

I am using Google Webmaster tools.

Thanks again Matt G.

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Matt Geier
Re: Does google like .coms more than .nets
on Mar 29, 2012 at 2:26:25 pm


Sorry for the late response back to you.

Wordpress is very SEO friendly by way of the program anyway. Make sure you go into the settings and look to turn on all the goodies that publicize the site and do other things to help it get recognition for the defaults.

Here's a list of plugins you can look at that may prove useful to you for getting better search results;

By Name of Plugin:

Google XML Sitemaps

SEO Slugs

WordPress SEO
This is probably the best comprehensive SEO Plugin for Wordpress I've found and use it frequently...

All in One SEO Pack
This is a really simply one... I don't use it much though.

This allows for the wordpress site to be displayed on "Mobile devices"

Matt Geier
(Video Networking Solutions Expert)
(Creative Design Workflow Consultant)
(Social Media Networks Consultant)
(Technical Video Industry Sales Consultant)

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