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How can I change the index page for a pre-exsisting website?

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Martin Banks
How can I change the index page for a pre-exsisting website?
on Jul 12, 2011 at 1:49:03 am


It's been about 7 years since I did any web design, and unfortunaetly my video prodcution and animation career kind of pushed any knowledge I had into deep storage....

This is probably a very basic question, and I'm hoping someone can answer it nice and easily :) So here it is...

I'm sitting in on someone's job while they are on holiday.

There is a website that is already online, the main page is ""

I have created a very simple HTML page in dreamweaver with an embedded video link from Vimeo and a two images. One image is a logo, the other is a button which I want to link to the original index.php.

This is the part where I get stuck....

I need to upload the HTML file I created in Dreamweaver up to our FTP, however I am unsure what to name the HTML file so that it will be the first page when visiting the company's URL.

I am also unsure what (& if) I need to rename the original mainpage (the one that is already online) so that the button on the new HTML page can be directed to the original mainpage.

Am I still making sense?

One final aspect that I am also unsure of is if I need to upload the two images, used in the new HTML page, to our FTP so that the new page knows where the files are, or if Dreamweaver now embeds things like that in creating your page?

If anyone can help, or direct me to another forum or somewhere that might be able to help I would be very appreciative :)


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Fernando Mol
Re: How can I change the index page for a pre-exsisting website?
on Jul 12, 2011 at 2:03:40 am

Hi, Martin

First, backup your remote index.php or better, backup the whole site just to be sure (at least all the HTML and PHP files).

Now you can play.

Be sure you get all your remote site into your local site. If in doubt, synchronize (>Site >Synchronize Sitewide). By default, this will open a window with the option "Put newer files to remote". Change it to "Get newer files from remote" and click preview, then download.

Change your local index.php to something else, like index2.php

Dreamweaver will ask you if you want to update your links. Say yes (it will mess with all the files that link to your actual index.php and it will change them to index2.php).

Now, change the name of your new HTML page to index.php

Go again and Synchronize your site, but this time put the newer files to remote. This will also upload your new images to the remote site, because the answer to your second question is "no", Dreamweaver doesn't embed any files into HTML, you still need to upload them separately.

I hope this helps

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mallory scala
Re: How can I change the index page for a pre-exsisting website?
on Jul 12, 2011 at 2:39:47 am

Go to your ftp site and with password access, you will be forwarded to a file management site. Most probably, the main guts is named index or home, which should allow an edit to the site.
Otherwise, your site may have been created with web creation software then uploaded to your host. In that case you'd need the software, or download the index/home and attempt to edit it using either free software or current software on your computer.
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