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Ken GearyAttention KiPro users
by on Jan 20, 2012 at 4:54:34 pm

Just returned from running production for our annual Kickoff meeting.
We are very close now to a complete tapless workflow, although having DVCPro25 show record tapes shipped as backups is hard to let go of... :(
Anyay, we try and make a copy of the days recordings onto a GoFlex drive form KiPro hard drive thru firewire thru a PC or Mac.
NOTE: on PC you WILL need MacDrive installed, you can get a 5 day trial if in a pinch. Another note: my corporate secured workstation Windows laptop will not install Macdrive, not sure if it thinks its a security issue? So I had to install on another PC laptop.
FIREWIRE: ideal connection is FW 9pin from KiPro drive to 9Pin on MacBook Pro (fastest xfer). If you have the cable! Our Techs did but the local Best Buy, nor Apple Store did not, they had a 9Pin to 4 pin. So we conencted to PC 4pin FW only to find out the drive did not show up in Explorer. Turns out you need to connect power to the KiPro drive to make this work. 9PIN to 6PIN FW will work without power (as Im doing now with my HP Z800).
In summary to those using KiPro for live events and need to backup your show records:
1. Buy in advance and bring ALL Firewire cables you may need (9-9, 9-6, 9-4)
2. Purchase a Power supply(KiStor Power supply is 102769 / STD-12012T.)
3. Purchase a license or 2 of MacDrive if running a PC.
4. (Optional) If you lack time, like we did , to transfer show records (in our experience, it takes hours to do) Buy as many KiPro hard drives as you may need, then you just bring them back with you in your carry on bag/laptop case.


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Peter EmmingerRe: Attention KiPro users
by on Jan 20, 2012 at 5:36:58 pm

Always interesting to see other people's workflow.
Mine is slightly different.
I do Firewire800 transfers onsite in a revolving drive situation to get content off of the AJA drive. I generally transfer to OWC Drives setup as Raid 5 for a good drive backup to prevent failure.

Then I switch over to a PC with a multi-esata card on it to do transfer out to multiple backup and for file distribution (one to client, one for storage, one to post company, etc)

I find that doing the final transfer with esata makes a huge difference.

I've heard that some onsite vendors have actually modified their AJA drives to have esata or sata direct out and then they can go direct to their main drive and eliminate one of the transfers.

Peter Emminger
Project Manager & Technical Director
Yellow Light Live, Inc.

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Ken GearyRe: Attention KiPro users
by on Jan 23, 2012 at 6:37:45 pm

Very informative!
An eSATA "cradle" for the KiStor drives with cable to laptop would be perfect. We dont usually have a desktop on site (keep portable).

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Phil SengerRe: Attention KiPro users
by on Feb 3, 2012 at 5:45:57 pm

I pretty much do as Peter does, rotate hard drives out the KiPro, off load them using FW 800 to a RAID drive. Doesn't take to long to move 200GB over FW 800, I do like the esata solution though, I'll have to look into it. Fortunately , I don't have any PC's in the mix, makes things a bit simpler. You may want to think about using CD's nano-flash. I haven't used it, but my workflow is Apple based, right down to FCP. My supplier is trying to get me to use these as replacements to the KiPro when I have clients not using FCP, perhaps using AVID instead.

Phil Senger

SW Audio+Visual
Vancouver, BC

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