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Can my Velocity 8.2.39 system be upgraded to XP SP3?

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david sorianoCan my Velocity 8.2.39 system be upgraded to XP SP3?
by on Jul 21, 2009 at 2:28:22 pm

Hey peeps,

I have a Velocity 8.2.39 system that i now use for live switching for cc meetings. I just integrated a FCP system for editing other stuff. I keep getting requests from my XP Pro PC (dual xeon 3.0 2GB RAM) for months (years?) to upgrade to XP3. I was wondering if this would disrupt my Velocity performance in any way. I don't remember any updates to the Velocity software in recent years and i remember that Velocity specified that SP2 was the proper SP to have w/ XP Pro.

Any thoughts on this? I kinda need to rejuvenate this PC anyways, cause it's been dragging in recent months. Any other ideas on how to do this to this old war horse? FWIW. it uses SCSI ext drives for video and has internal audio HD.

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Chris BlairRe: Can my Velocity 8.2.39 system be upgraded to XP SP3?
by on Jul 29, 2009 at 2:21:55 am

Late response here...but we've upgraded several PCs from SP2 to SP3 without issue concerning VelocityQ. We also have an older Velocity system (same software version as yours), and also had no issues updating XP to SP3.

Now I cannot guarantee you won't have problems. I've seen issues with some of the third party apps (Sonic Reel DVD, Sound Forge) that come with Velocity when updating, where it unlicenses the software and you have to get Sonic and Sony to give you new license codes (a real pain). So if you use those two programs, you might just leave it at SP2. I've always adhered to the policy that if it's not going to give me significant performance or productivity gains, I'm better off leaving a working system the way it is. In our case, we were building fresh systems, so just installed XP, upgraded it to SP3, THEN installed Velocity and all other software.

Hope that helps.

Chris Blair
Magnetic Image, Inc.
Evansville, IN

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