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Velocity HD:What is the current state of this product & company ?

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Mark JobVelocity HD:What is the current state of this product & company ?
by on Mar 12, 2008 at 5:09:15 pm

Hi Editors:
For over 10 years I edited on a DPS Perception RT system and I was ripping fast on it and pretty much a DPS Jedi when it came to Perception, Perception RT, Audio 4 Video (Remember those products folks ?). My system finally fried and died during an unfortunate brown out and blackout during a Winter storm in my area over 2 years back and I replaced it with an Avid. Obviously Avid is a major switcheroo from the intuitive and rapid real time GUI I loved soo much in my DPS Perception RT.

My Avid is great for cutting, but not so great for finishing. In particular, DVD authoring and web encoding. I find the budled applications with my Avid are kind of half baked and don't quite do the job for us. So now I'm looking for a solution to compliment my Avid which is way fast and does SD DVD authoring fast off the time line, as well as web format encoding. I've also been looking at FCS2 with a MAC Pro as a possible way to go, but I've never used a MAC before.
What can you tell me about the state of the company and the Velocity HD products today ? How mature are they and how fast are they ? I really miss the fast and intuitive GUI of my DPS and I haven't paid any attention to the company and their more recent HD products for several years. I went by and checked out the Harris web site, but I didn't really find out very much information. So, I think it's time to communicate ditrectly with DPS editors here on the Cow in the hope you folks can bring me up to speed on the latest DPS HD product(S)(??)


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Rick PriceRe: Velocity HD:What is the current state of this product & company ?
by on May 21, 2008 at 1:27:54 am

wow no reply's?!

I too am interested in hearing about this product. I can tell all about FCP2 but am interested in knowing if anyone is using the new Harris Velocity editing platforms.

Concerns me that many of the posts are concerning selling Velocity systems.

Rick Price
Orlando Magic Broadcast Services

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Lyn NorstadRe: Velocity HD:What is the current state of this product & company ?
by on May 21, 2008 at 5:12:24 pm

[Rick Price] "wow no reply's?!"

As you may know (and it has been discussed extensively(, DPS was acquired by Leitch, who was subsequently acquired by Harris.

All Velocity product has been EOL'd except the Velocity HD package ... which is still available.

Current price for the full-blown VHD kit is $12,999.


Lyn Norstad
Chicagoland, USA

Co-host of CreativeCOW forums:
Discrete Edit*ors
Matrox Video Systems
Leitch dpsVelocity

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Chris BlairRe: Velocity HD:What is the current state of this product & company ?
by on May 24, 2008 at 3:31:43 am

It should be pointed out that Harris IS still developing and selling the Velocity product, just not a product that will allow upgrades from any of the hardware/software based Velocity systems, including Velocity, VelocityQ and VelocityHD.

They transitioned the product into a software only editing system called Velocity NX, which has to be purchased as a turnkey system that includes their Nexio SAN storage system and bundled PC's. They also sell Velocity in a software only configuration called Velocity XNG.

They no longer market their products to post-production houses or boutique video companies, instead focusing on television news and promotion departments.

I've tried several times to find out if I could purchase just the software only version and if so, would it read/write .dps files....but I can't get anyone at Harris to respond. I've called and talked to support and sales, and no-one there can answer my questions. We recently had to go through Harris to buy software upgrades for our VelocityQ systems, and it was a nightmare. They are NOT a service oriented company. And if you're a little fish, they'd just as soon see you drown as help you keep your head above water.

Such a I bet fully half the people that own Velocity systems would buy the software if they'd just market it to them.

Chris Blair
Magnetic Image, Inc.
Evansville, IN

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