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Boris RED Transition Problem

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Nyann SmithBoris RED Transition Problem
by on May 9, 2015 at 10:00:28 pm

I have Boris RED integrated into my Sony Vegas 11 (Both 32Bit) and I've created some Boris transitions with 4 and wanted to upgrade to 5 however 4 works but it doesn't have the effects I use on my new version of transitions that I made. (I've only been using 5 for things that work. Some do and some don't work sadly so I kept hanging on to Boris 4) I have this problem with 5 that when I insert these custom made Boris 5 transitions in my Vegas timeline they appear messed up in Sony Vegas. It looks perfectly fine in the Boris interface. I checked to make sure the PNG scanning and the video scanning is Progressive/None and the framerate is the same on all things imported and the project is the same as Vegas. But nonetheless it's still messed up in Vegas. Can anyone help me fix this or tell me what the problem is? I've been growing sick of using Boris 4 AND 5 - I just want to use 5 but half of my transitions don't work inside Vegas. If anyone needs me to render a video to show the problem let me know.

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Jon KozenkoRe: Boris RED Transition Problem
by on May 11, 2015 at 3:09:24 pm

Hello Nyann,

Do you think you can send me a copy of one of these RED 4-created Transitions (the raw .red file would be best) that RED 5 is showing problems with? In addition, do you think you can send me a screengrab or quick render of how this appears inside RED's interface and how it appears, with the distortion, in Sony Vegas? You can send them to me at

As for the problem, a couple of quick questions. First, is this something you see in Vegas both Pre-Render and Post-Render? Also, is this distortion something that's easily visible in each frame of the Transition, or is it something related to a changing variable, such as movement or changes in Alpha?



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Nyann SmithRe: Boris RED Transition Problem
by on May 11, 2015 at 5:27:16 pm

No no. I recreated the 4 transitions. Because 5 has a tiler effect that I needed - in 4 I had to create a tiled video using precomps, also there's a lens flare that I used in the transition that is not in 4. So I recreated the transition differently. But pretty much all Boris RED 5 transitions with keyframes, imported PNGs or video other than a beginning and end frame it messes up inside Vegas in the timeline (it's pre rendering - it's already messed up after I exit Boris 5 interface) Boris 4 transitions are just fine. It's 5 transitions that almost all of them mess up inside the Vegas timeline.

Here I rendered a video - First one is the right one (Exported from Boris which looks the same inside Boris and the second is the incorrrect and how it looks in Vegas. It's the same inside the timeline as it rendered.

I would just render the video and import it but the highest render quality doesn't at all match the quality of the episode. if you actually need the .red file lemme know (I have to gather all the files as well because there is PNG sequences and other images) but I didn't know if you needed it because the problem is different than what you stated.

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