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Rendered vid isn't the same as Match Move preview

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Tim ScullionRendered vid isn't the same as Match Move preview
by on Apr 25, 2013 at 4:27:05 pm

Hi, I've hunted around online and can't find the answer to this, so here goes:

I'm trying out Boris CC for Sony Vegas 12.0, and something strange and very frustrating is happening. I use Match Move to sync up a graphic to a handheld video shot (in other words, just matching the graphic to some very slight camera wobble). In the preview window (and when I watch the tracker do its on-the-fly thing) it all looks perfect. However, when I render (and I render at the same resolution and same frame-rate as the original footage) the graphic changes position, and this can vary each time I render. Usually it just doesn't seem to be moving as much as in the preview. Sometimes it moves a little and then stops moving.

Here's a pic. On the left is where it should be, and where it is in the preview. On the right is the rendered version at the same point. It's only subtle, but as you can see it's changed position, and the effect I'm going for is destroyed.

It's only about 8 seconds long. I've tried everything to fix this! Any ideas? Any hidden settings I can try?

Obvious thing to mention: There's no Track Motion on the graphic layer, so that's not the problem.

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Tim ScullionRe: Rendered vid isn't the same as Match Move preview
by on Apr 25, 2013 at 4:49:00 pm

Hmm! I have worked around the problem - I don't know how - by re-rendering my original Panasonic HC-V700 footage to an HD .mp4 file. I then did the entire process again from scratch using this new video file, and this time... it seems to be working happily.

Still completely baffled as to what was going wrong originally.

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