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Tom CarlsonBoris Avid FX and Boris BCC
by on Mar 25, 2012 at 1:28:59 pm

I was just wondering if the BCC plugins from Boris contain any additional plugins for matte creation, blending, cleanup and other compositing tools that wouldn't be found in the Avid FX that came bundled with Media Composer 6. Those are the plugins I'm in need of most, rather than particle generation, lighting effects, etc. I'm trying to decide between upgrading to BCC, or purchasing DFT's Composite Suite Pro or just sticking with the compositing tools in Media Composer and Boris Avid Efx. What I will be doing mostly is moving small objects on video layers around the frame above a still image, and would like to extract objects with a matte, and animate their position on screen. This is for a menu system I've designed for a BD.

I've contacted Boris sales about BCC, but probably won't hear back from them until tomorrow (Monday). Thanks in advance for any insight / advice from Boris or DFT users.

Tom Carlson

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peter mcauleyRe: Boris Avid FX and Boris BCC
by on Mar 26, 2012 at 12:14:08 pm

Hi Tom,

I think what you will find is that the keys and matte filters that are included in BCC 8 AVX and Avid FX 6 are about the same. The difference is how you interact with media in the Avid timeline.

With Avid FX, you apply a single instance of Avid FX filter to the clip, then stack filters to generate the result, essentially compositing within the timeline, and then you apply the result back to he timeline and continue editing. With BCC, you are keying within the Avid FX timeline. You can stack BCC filters in the timeline using the built-in multi-filter tool, which is in every filter in BCC. You can also retain all of the alpha information in a clip with BCC filters, using the built-in apply to title matte function.

I don't think there is anything that DFT can do that BCC cannot to, however, there are many things, such as the title matte and multi-filter effects to name a few, that can be done with BCC that are no possible with DFT. I'd suggest downloading the trial from our web site to see if it works for you before you make your purchase.

I hope this helps.


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Tom CarlsonRe: Boris Avid FX and Boris BCC
by on Mar 26, 2012 at 2:11:51 pm

Thanks, Peter. That makes sense.


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