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Cliff StephensonBoris... I'm not in love
by on Nov 29, 2011 at 9:46:44 pm

First off, let me say this... Your tech support is great and John was very helpful. Now, having said that, the fact that I had to spend as much time on the phone with him as I did to just get the product up and running and the reality that there are still things wrong that even he couldn't resolve is not making a great first impression. Even at "only" $1000 (half off), this product should be much better, easier to use, and less work to get up and running. Red 5 isn't supported with Premiere Pro 5.5 on a Mac (even though it's supported in Windows) and tech support seemed to have no idea when this would be operational. Trying to upgrade to BCC 8 is a chore and a half because the download keys and the DVD keys aren't the same. My DVD copy of the Box didn't even come with an activation key for Final Effects. And we haven't yet brought up the fact that the site says "Get the entire collection of Boris technology!" in the Boris Box, but if you actually pay attention to the text, you don't really get Graffiti, Blue, FX, Title Toolkit... Not sure how these don't qualify as part of the collection of Boris technology, but ok, I can live with that because these things are probably much better handled in the programs that ARE included.

What I can't get past though, is the total lack of Red support in Mac PP CS5.5, the total lack of a way to upgrade to BCC8 (which is the reason I've been waiting), and the complete lack of consistency in your software across programs and platforms. For example, why does Red work for Premiere Pro 5.5 on Windows, but not Mac? Why do 3D object filters work in Avid and Final Cut, but not Premiere? Why does Red work on Avid on both Windows AND Mac? I don't feel like it's too much for someone buying Boris BCC or Red to expect a comparable experience and set of tools across any and all programs and operating systems. Especially since Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Mac isn't exactly an odd combination to see someone using anymore (especially after we all fled Final Cut earlier this year). I've noticed that a lot of your verbiage on the Boris website has been changed in the past few days and things that were stated or implied as supported are no longer listed as such. But even so, I don't feel like it's the end user's responsibility to have to run back to the Boris matrix of compatibility to double check that their Boris software can do something they reasonably expected it to do when they purchased it.

I really hope to get all this ironed out, but they couldn't even seem to give me an idea of where Red actually is in development for Mac CS5.5. I kind of feel like I just bought a car and it was delivered with the 2 front wheels missing. Unfortunately, It's kind of soured me on Boris and I haven't even been able to really use it at all yet.

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Boris YamnitskyRe: Boris... I'm not in love
by on Nov 30, 2011 at 12:12:11 am

First of all, let me thank you for caring so much about our expansive product family. I agree that the biggest missing piece is RED support for 64 bit Adobe Premiere on Mac. We are hard at work on it. The best proof of our Mac 64 bit efforts, as you mentioned, is the recent release of AvidFX (Boris RED5) for Media Composer 6 on both Mac and Windows. As you may know, converting existing 32 bit applications to 64 bit on Mac is a special challenge. Although I can't give you a ship date yet, RED 5 for Premiere CS 5.5 will be released soon. I will post on this thread as soon as it's out.

I've heard your interest in BCC 3D Objects in Premiere. I'll put it down as a feature request. Thanks for asking. 3D Objects is a very sophisticated piece of software leveraging multiple technologies such as Open GL renders, 3D camera and lights, some 500 parameters, etc. Each host application presents it's own challenges and technical limitations. We are working closely with Adobe engineers to make such integration possible. It may require another rev of Premiere to complete the integration. Sorry to keep you waiting.

I hope this answers at least some of your concerns.

Boris Yamnitsky

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Cliff StephensonRe: Boris... I'm not in love
by on Nov 30, 2011 at 6:37:31 pm

Thanks Boris,
Hopefully Red for Premiere/Mac is not going to be a long wait.

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