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Alpha Channel doesn't work in Red 5 (Cineform Neo file with alpha)

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Glenn ThomasAlpha Channel doesn't work in Red 5 (Cineform Neo file with alpha)
by on Nov 29, 2011 at 2:01:04 pm

Hello, I'm having some trouble getting the alpha channel of a Cineform Neo 4:4:4:4 avi file to work in Red 5.

Basically what I've done beforehand is render a number of bluescreen video clips in Vegas that I keyed using the BCC7 keyer. All rendered as Cineform Neo 4:4:4:4 files with an alpha channel. The only format I can render to using Cineform Neo with an alpha channel.

Now the files work fine in Vegas 10. If I set the alpha channel on each to Straight (Unmatted), the transparency works without any problems. But if I open them in Red 5, either from within Vegas 10 or standalone, I can't get that alpha channel to work at all. I can see the video with the black background when the Movie Media 'Key' parameter is set to 'No Alpha', but if I set that to anything else, the clip disappears completely.

I've also tried setting the project to 16-bit, but that doesn't work either.

Any suggestions, or this just something that isn't possible to do in Red 5? I can't find any mention of why it wouldn't be working in the online help docs either.


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Boris YamnitskyRe: Alpha Channel doesn't work in Red 5 (Cineform Neo file with alpha)
by on Nov 29, 2011 at 2:35:34 pm

Sounds a little strange. If you are seeing correct alpha in Vegas timeline then you should see it in Boris RED 5 plugin in Vegas because the actual RGBA image comes from Vegas itself. I would try that again. Importing external movie to RED 5 is a different matter. In any case, send our tech support a sample of the video so we can test both plugin and standalone.

Boris Yamnitsky

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Glenn ThomasRe: Alpha Channel doesn't work in Red 5 (Cineform Neo file with alpha)
by on Nov 30, 2011 at 2:10:51 am

Hello Boris, many thanks for the reply. Actually I do have the transparency working now. The mistake I made was thinking that was an adjustment that needed to be made from within Red itself. Although if I turn on the alpha channel of the clip in Vegas first, and then apply Red as a plugin, it works.

Now, the problem is that I'm now unable to open additional files with alpha channels in Red. Plus, I'm also getting an error telling me the codec isn't supported, even though I'm still using the same Cineform format files. Anyway, I'll make up a couple of really small versions of these video clips and send them off to tech support.

Ideally I'd like to composite around 4 or 5 clips with alpha channels within Red, along with a background clip and add any effects I need there. So within Vegas the composite will be a single clip I can edit more easily.

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