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Still having trouble with Boris FX extruded EPS and Text

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Jason MooreStill having trouble with Boris FX extruded EPS and Text
by on Jul 27, 2011 at 5:17:14 pm

I posted about this a while back and never got an answer, so I'm hoping maybe this time someone will be able to help me out. Every time I call Boris FX, I leave my info and never get a call back.

Here's my problem...

I'm running CS5 on a Mac. Almost every time I set up more than one extruded eps layer, I have problems when I return to my file, or even when I return to a comp.

For instance, today, I'm working on a piece and I have a couple of extruded EPS files animating over time. Nothing super fancy, they just fall from the top of the frame, and then settle in the center of the screen.

I spent about an hour or so setting up another extruded logo in another comp. When I return to the original comp, the extruded EPS layers I mentioned above become transparent. When I return to the new logo comp, it still shows up.

When I restart After Effects, if I'm in the original comp, the extruded eps files show up, but the logo comp is transparent. If I save with that comp open, when AE restarts, that comp works, but the original does not.

Surely you can have more than one instance of the extruded eps effect can't you? I've had this same thing happen with extruded text. If anyone has any clues, please let me know.

I had high hopes for this filter. When it works it's great, but I haven't had much success getting it to consistently work.

Jason Moore

Jason Moore
Midnight Oil Productions

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peter mcauleyRe: Still having trouble with Boris FX extruded EPS and Text
by on Jul 27, 2011 at 7:04:33 pm

Hi Jason,

I'm very surprised to hear that you did not get a call back after leaving your name and number with our support - this is highly unusual. I'll ask over in support to see what happened.

Regarding the use of the BCC 3D Objects filters - you have to have them on separate layers in order for you to use more than one in a scene. You mention that you went to a different comp so I have to assume that you know this.

You can have as many instances of BCC 3D Objects as you like, there is no real limit as far as I am aware.

It would really be best for you to talk directly with one of our tech support gurus and although you mentioned that you tried to get a hold of someone I'd like to ask you to send me your phone number and I'll have one of them call you. You can send that to me at



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Jason MooreRe: Still having trouble with Boris FX extruded EPS and Text
by on Jul 27, 2011 at 8:09:15 pm


Thanks for your response. I tried a couple of months ago to get thru after you suggested here that I call support. I got sent to voicemail as I recall. I left my info and never received a response. I ended up Pre rendering different elements to get it to work.

Today I called, it rang and rang and I eventually got someone in sales. He took my info, but after a few hours, I ended up just trying again. On the third call I did get someone.

Unfortunately, it seems this isn't going to be an easy fix. We tried several things including uninstalling and reinstalling. So far we haven't found a solution. I either get an extruded eps in one comp or another, but not both.

I sent them my project files, and they're supposed to call me back. This Issue has been a problem for me from the beginning, so I'm not sure the files I sent will help.

Bummer us I'm on a tight deadline. I sincerely want to love this plugin. If I could get it working on more than one layer/in one comp, we'd be there.

I'll let you know where we cone out. I hope they call
Me back today because this is due in Friday.


Jason Moore
Midnight Oil Productions

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Jon KozenkoRe: Still having trouble with Boris FX extruded EPS and Text
by on Jul 28, 2011 at 6:46:06 pm

Thank you for sending me the Graphics info for your system, per our conversations yesterday. I left you a voicemail shortly ago, primarily wondering if BCC ever gives you any kind of OpenGL info window/prompt when you use BCC 3D Objects. If not, try sending one of your Comps to the Render Queue and initiating the Render; this may prompt it. If you do get this prompt, send me a screenshot for this as well. I fear this may be related to the mobile nature of the card, although the problems would've generally come up sooner.

My other question was if the problem started before you started nesting your Compositions into a master Composition. Was there any time, after you started 3D Objects work in a second Composition, that this was not a problem?


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