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Scrolling titles - weird glitch

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Tyler Chandler
Scrolling titles - weird glitch
on May 11, 2011 at 11:51:45 pm

Hi everyone,

I added regular scrolling text to the end of my movie and it flickers so redid it using Boris after reading it's better. I'm having a weird problem though.

I created 1 title scroll sequence(left aligned) for names and I have another title scroll sequence for music(center aligned). When the first one is coming to an end and the music credits begin rolling I want them centered. This should be easy, 2 separate titles, each with their own attributes but when I center in one it changes the other. When I change the other one back to left align, it makes the one I was centered left aligned. It's like they're connected but they're not even the same clip.

Does anyone know how to resolve this glitch? Thanks :) T

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peter mcauley
Re: Scrolling titles - weird glitch
on May 12, 2011 at 1:32:56 pm

Hi Tyler,

Are you using the most up to date version of the RED software? You might want to check that first.



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Douglas R Bruce
Re: Scrolling titles - weird glitch
on May 12, 2011 at 2:33:00 pm

I was asked a similar question a few weeks ago by a user on the Avid Forums.
He wanted to have a left justified and also a right justified text roll.
I made the following Tutorial for him.
Although it is done using AvidFX, it is in principal Boris Red 4.
I don't know if you can pick up any tips from it.

PS. The tutorial was created for the person in question only... it was not very well edited.
Here is the link to the tutorial

(Kumamoto, Japan)

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Tyler Chandler
Re: Scrolling titles - weird glitch
on May 13, 2011 at 7:30:20 am

Hey thanks for the replies. This is a weird glitch.

The same issue still persists but I accidentally discovered that after rendering both title clips then changing the incorrect one to the way it should be(open text edit and hit apply) and rendering again it works.
However, there's a small overlap with the clip on V2 and the other on V3 as the names(left aligned) and the music(centered) scroll. During this brief overlap the clip on V2 takes on the centered attribute from the clip above it like they're connected in some way.

It's like this:

***then when the music clip on V3 scrolls onto the timeline the names bump out and center themselves instead of justifying to the left and the music is centered as it should be.

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