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Changing Duration of Boris red Composition

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Paul LinfestyChanging Duration of Boris red Composition
by on Mar 22, 2010 at 5:57:24 pm

Help! Just installed the 4.3 RED update (was using 4.0 before, which had a nmyriad of problems when incorporated into Premiere 1.5 and Premiere 4.) However, there was one function I was sure that worked before that doesn't seem to now. When in Premiere CS4, I open Boris as a new composition and create an animated title and give it, say a 5 second length, and apply it back to Premiere. I then decide to change the length by a couple of seconds. I SHOULD be able to just click on the comp in the timeline and go bak into Boris. However, it won't let me alter the given time in the duration box, no matter if I try to click it or highlight it. What am I doing wrong? ('m pretty sure this is all I had to do in the 4.0 version, although I had so many glitches in Windows I used it very rarely inside of Premiere itself).

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William BusbyRe: Changing Duration of Boris red Composition
by on Mar 23, 2010 at 6:48:31 pm

I don't use Premiere, I cut on Avid. If you're saying you're using Red as a plugin in Premiere, it's duration is taken from your Premiere timeline where you have the filter and or effect applied. That's why you can't change the duration in the Red interface. Using Red as a standalone obviously let's one change the duration. HTH

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Jon KozenkoRe: Changing Duration of Boris red Composition
by on Mar 24, 2010 at 5:56:37 pm

As William says, RED will adhere to what Premiere Pro is telling it (including duration), and there is no way to override this. The only exception to this is with Sony Vegas, and that's because of nuances in compatibility with that particular host. I checked with SQA and this has always been the case. If you re-adjust the length of the comp in Premiere Pro's timeline, RED should re-adjust automatically to compensate.

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