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Optical Stabilizer - analysis - log file? reset?

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David EspOptical Stabilizer - analysis - log file? reset?
by on Oct 26, 2009 at 5:47:52 am

Using Optical Stabilizer - works fine but would like to get a little more understanding and control over using it:

When it analyzes the motion, where does the data get stored? I'd like to know because analysis takes time, so once done, I'd ideally like to back-up the motion analysis data with the file. I know for example that in FCP's Smoother it saves it in a file alongside the movie file, while some others allow you to specify where a "LogFile" gets saved to. I can't see anything Boris alongside the movie file. The project file looks too small to hold such data.

Also what happens if I mess up (my fault) the settings prior to analysis? For example it is important to put CTI at origin, then put into Stabilize (or Smooth) mode, then put the CTI at the end. For the latter I use the "full-forward" (my term) button. But suppose I make a mistake e.g. slippy with the mouse, does that ruin analysis and leave the session in some strange state or can I simply put CTI at the end afterwards anyway? Or what would happen if I restored the CTI to the beginning and then put it at the end properly? Would analysis work on just the un-analyzed "gap" (missed the first time)? Another mistake one could make is forgetting to set preview to Full resolution prior to analysis. What should / could one do in that case?

As I'm uncertain what's happening, it would be great (for confidence at least) to be able to tell it "Start over again". Also if I made any subtle change to that was not picked up by Boris. Is there any "Reset/Go-Again" command or method for the optical analysis?

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peter mcauleyRe: Optical Stabilizer - analysis - log file? reset?
by on Oct 28, 2009 at 2:55:38 pm

Hi David,

The Optical Stabilizer motion analysis data is internal to the filter / host and inaccessible to the user and therefore it cannot be saved.

If you move the CTI to a place that is not the end of the clip, perhaps the middle of the clip for instance, you can then move the CTI to the end without having an adverse effect on the result. Basically, the Optical Stabilizer will analyze the clip up to the CTI - moving it forward simply means that additional frames are analyzed.

Making a change to any parameter in the Optical Flow group should result in the recovered motion data being nulled out, requiring the clip to be re-analyzed.

I hope this helps,


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David EspThanks
by on Oct 28, 2009 at 10:14:27 pm

Many thanks Peter,


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peter mcauleyRe: Thanks
by on Oct 29, 2009 at 1:26:31 pm

Glad I could help.



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