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Alan MacBoris FX 9.1 Exports
by on Sep 10, 2007 at 2:57:01 pm

Using the standalone BFX what exports do you get? In the manual it says AVI or MOV but all I get is the TARGA option. I am wondering if it is just the keyframer that I have and not the actual standalone program. I have been through the installation procedures 3 times and cannot see any options that I have not used correctly. btw I have the plug-in for Avid Liquid instaled too and that appears to work fine.



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Turlak1Re: Boris FX 9.1 Exports
by on Sep 13, 2007 at 6:04:39 am

I am by no means an expert but:

I am in the same situation.

As I understand it after my research into this, FX 9 is NOT a stand alone product. There are several misleading articles and instructions on the Boris website, but I don't believe that was intentional. FX is very similar to RED and some of the instructions for FX where simply cut from RED and placed in FX and were poorly edited. It seems that with a few other additions RED is a stand alone product while FX is not.

The keyframer is a tool designed to allow multiple people to work on effects without having to buy multiple liscenses for FX. Unfortunately it seems to only allow you to save settings and export a targa file. Any rendering has to be done inside a "host" application like After Effects or Final Cut Pro. Fortunately FX works in many applications so there is a good chance it will plug into your editing program.

I don't have a supported host, I am using Premiere 6.0. I have installed the generic plug in and it is working with some limitations. I am getting blurry results when I am rotoscoping. As a work-around I am using the "create alpha" filter to create a black and white Matte and am track matting my roto work in Premiere. It seems to be working for now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

If I am miss informed, somebody "PLEASE" let me know so I can install the stand alone option.

Tony Noon
Noon Productions

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Alan MacRe: Boris FX 9.1 Exports
by on Sep 16, 2007 at 6:40:05 pm

Tony, thanks for replying. I have been filming ets for a few days and have just read your post. Glad I am not stupid and I am not the only one to see this. I do have it working within Avid Liquid as a plug-in but sometimes it would be nice to work as a standalone.

Perhaps one of the moderators could reply on this point as the Boris website is in fact giving out false information (intentionally or not).



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