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Red Transitions STILL not available in FCP 5.1.4

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Jay ChildsRed Transitions STILL not available in FCP 5.1.4
by on Aug 2, 2007 at 2:45:55 am

So my Mac (PowerPC G5 dual 2G) had its Final Cut version updated from 5.1.1 updated to 5.1.4. I have read that because this update was the first version written to work with the Intel Macs as well as PowerPCs, that Red Transitions are now not available in FCP.

So I have two questions. I was on the phone w/ Apple and, as expected, they point the finger at Boris ... and all plug-ins saying if they want to work with Apple, they need to adapt to updates to host applications like FCP, not the other way around with Apple making adjustments to work with Plug-ins. Apparently, this Red/FCP issue has been going on since FEBRUARY. So Boris I have a project for which I was counting on being able to use Red transitions. When does Boris intend to have a patch to restore this feature? Please tell me it won't be months.

Second, I have built two programs for this project in FCP 5.1.4. Does anyone have experience with XML exports? I was told by the Apple guy that if I export the whole project as XML, I should have no problem uninstalling FCP and then reinstalling FCP5.0 and then updating back to 5.1.1. Then he said I should be able to import the project into 5.1.1 and have my Red Transitions back. Anyone ever try this? Any pointers?


JBC Communications
Portsmouth, NH

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theBorisRe: Red Transitions STILL not available in FCP 5.1.4
by on Aug 2, 2007 at 1:36:15 pm

Not to point a finger, but transitions were broken in 5.1.4 release. Thankfuly they were fixed in 6.0. Is there a possibility of you updating to FCP 6.0? I believe all your old programs will open fine in 6.0 including RED transitions.

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Jay ChildsRe: Red Transitions STILL not available in FCP 5.1.4
by on Aug 4, 2007 at 6:21:32 pm

Not sure theBoris if you are connected with BorisFX or not but I placed two calls to the Boris support line and didn't get a single call back.

Unfortunately as hip as both Apple and Boris likes to think they are, customer support has really fallen through the floor. The debacle I confronted with Apple trying to find support and downloads on their website (w/ a serial number verification process that Apple KNOWS has been broken for months)trying to return my system to the version that worked with Red transitions - is really making me question my future with these apps. The Boris feedback on this site seems to be that the link between Red transitions and FCP was broken by Apple in 5.1.4 (pointing the finger and fix responsibility to Apple). When I spoke with Apple they asserted that they are NEVER responsible to adapt their upgrades to make sure the myriad of plug-ins that wish to work with FCP still work. They see it, of course, as the other way around. It was up to Boris to start the process to fix it. Believe me this is not the first time Apple and another company have both pointed fingers the other way.

Meanwhile the user/customer has to figure out how to work around this predicament - months and months go by, nobody does anything, and now the answer given so casually is - hell why not just upgrade (for hundreds of $$$). Wrong answer. As naive as I may sound, a customer should not have to plunk down MORE money to upgrade, simply to get features BACK working on a product that were working before. We should be upgrading to move forward, not to try to get some compatibility back we had before.

I gave up and bit the bullet and bought Studio 2, given no other options, but Boris and Apple should know this does not make me happy at all. Back in the days of BorisFX and Red 1.2 there was a real energy and commitment to service, and I applauded you guys loudly whenever I could. But both Apple and Boris are beginning to act more and more like the Avids and the Microsofts we ran away from years ago.

You still have customers like me, but the falloff from a passionate customer to just a customer ... and then to an ex-customer is a very very slippery slope.

You can start by returning a phone call.

Back to work.


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