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Boris Red - only the "About" button appears.

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Lu Nelson
Boris Red - only the "About" button appears.
on Oct 18, 2006 at 6:56:03 pm

OK, I'm hoping someone else has seen this -- I am using a G5 system with FCP 5.1.2 and the latest Red 4 installed, and I can apply "Boris Red 4.0" to a clip (it appears in my filters menu); but when I open that in the viewer to get in to the options, there aren't any. Same applies for Boris Red 4.0 as a transition, or as a generator. Only the "About" button appears.

Notably, the Boris Red 4.0 Static Gen does work and the "Options" box as well as the Boris logo appear properly and I can click on them and launch the Boris interface. Just not with the others. What gives?

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Paul  FX
Re: Boris Red - only the "About" button appears.
on Oct 18, 2006 at 8:38:36 pm

Lu, Since you are on FCP v5.1.2, you might experience some problems with RED transitions. We are aware of this and we are in the process fixing it. Also, if you are on an Intel Mac, none of the Boris plug in products work with the Intel based Macs. RED will work as a stand alone application when used in conjuction with Rosetta. That is being worked on as well.
Now, if you are not using an Intel Mac, try this. Again, you may still experience some problems on FCP v5.1.2 but, its the best fix I have right now.

Here is a set of instructions on how to get Boris Products to function properly within FCP 5.1.

***Make sure that none of the folders you are about to delete contain any presets. The "BorisFX" folder does contain the keyframe library so, make sure you move anything saved in there.***

First, uninstall your Boris product completely and trash the patch or downloaded try and buy previously downloaded (it is possible it became corrupt during transfer). Also, trash the preferences for both FCP and your Boris product (RED, FX and Graffiti). Here are the locations of what to trash. Trash the items whose name or description appears in "quotations".

1. Hard Drive-Applications-"Boris RED, Graffiti, FX or Continuum Complete" (which ever you have)
2. HD-Library-Application Support-"BorisFX" and/or "Boris FX" (you may not have both)
3. HD-Library-Application Support-Final Cut System Support-Plugins-"every
Boris plug". Leave text scrambler, title 3d, title crawl and vector
shape there.
4. HD-Users-you-Library-Preferences-Final Cut Pro User Data- "Final Cut Pro
5.0 Prefs", "Final Cut Pro Obj Cache", "Final Cut Pro Prof Cache"
5. HD-Users-you-Library-Preferences-"anything that says Boris"
(look down the list because there are some that start with

Now restart the machine and reinstall your Boris product from the CD and download a new patch or download a new try and buy and run that. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the release notes that accompany the download patch and follow them to the letter, especially the "Known Limitations" section. It is imperative that you do so.
Starting FCP 5.1 for the first time after running the patch with the Cap Locks down is very important when using any Boris plug in.


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